Pirelli Showcased FSC Certified Tires for the First Time

Pirelli showcases its fsc certified tires for the first time
Pirelli showcases its fsc certified tires for the first time

Participating in the 2021 International IAA Mobility Fair held in Munich, the world's leading automobile manufacturers choose Pirelli for their most sustainable cars. Around a third (29%) of electric cars at the show and on the Munich roads are fitted with Pirelli P Zero or Scorpion tyres. At the fair, where some tires, including Elect technology designed for zero or low emission cars, stand out, Pirelli's Cinturato P7 tires are also exhibited as equipment for the BMW 320e hybrid and 3 Series models.


Elect marked P Zero is an Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire that combines Pirelli's motorsport experience with Elect technology. Porsche Taycan, Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, Polestar 1, BMW iX and the new Mercedes-Benz EQE exhibited at the fair in Munich are among the models in which tires with this technology were chosen as equipment. P Zero Elect is also used in the concept cars Audi Grandsphere Concept and Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG, as well as the new Mercedes-Benz EQB and Ford Mustang Mach-E 4X models.

Versions of the Scorpion family designed for SUVs and crossovers are also on display in Munich in the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX, Volvo XC90 rechargeable hybrid and Jaguar EV400 AWD and Mercedes-Benz EQCc 400 4matic AMG Line models.


Pirelli Elect tires are developed with specific technologies for electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. These tires feature low rolling resistance to increase range, reduced road noise for excellent comfort, instant grip to respond to torque, and accurate construction designed to support the weight of battery-powered vehicles. Developed by Pirelli with the world's leading automobile manufacturers to meet the specific technical requirements of electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles, these tires are produced with a special compound, structure and tread pattern for each car, as a reflection of Pirelli's philosophy of perfect fit.


Pirelli P Zero, the world's first FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) tire, is being introduced for the first time at the fair. P Zero tires with FSC certified* natural rubber and rayon are on display on the new BMW iX5 Hydrogen and BMW X5 xDrive45e Rechargeable Hybrid models. The FSC forest management certification certifies that plantations are managed to conserve biodiversity, benefit the lives of local residents and workers, and are economically sustainable. The complex FSC chain of custody and chain of custody certification process verifies that FSC-certified material is detected and separated from non-certified material as it travels along the supply chain from plantations to the tire manufacturer.

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