two awards to renault's concept cars

Two Awards for Renault's Concept Cars

Renault won two awards with its concept car models MORPHOZ and Renault 5 Prototype. Renault 5 Prototype was named “Concept Car of the Year” in the competition organized by Car Design Review magazine. If Renault MORPHOZ [...]


Ways to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer, which is seen in one of every 8 women, is among the most common cancers in women. However, it is worth noting that the survival rates are gradually increasing thanks to early diagnosis and improved new treatment methods. [...]


What Are the Benefits of Cranberry?

Specialist Dietitian Tuğba Yaprak gave important information about the subject. It is a tree from the Cranberry family that grows spontaneously or can be grown in the forest, reaches 5 meters in height, blooms before the leaves open. [...]