fim mototour of nations turkey started

FIM Mototour Of Nations TURKEY Begins

Organized by the World Motorcycle Federation (FIM) in a different country every year, “FIM Mototour of Nations TURKEY” ends tomorrow with the participation of 14 motorcycle travelers from 100 different countries. The most important event in our country [...]

how to clean tooth stone

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist?

A dental exam is a routine dental exam that is done regularly. Each person should apply this at regular intervals in terms of dental and oral health. However, according to experts, there is a period table that differs from person to person. [...]

how to clean tooth stone

How is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

At the beginning of the procedure, we apply local anesthesia to the areas to be treated. This means you will be awake for the procedure; You may feel some pressure and slight discomfort, but you will not feel pain. Deep cleaning consists of two parts. First [...]


The Secret to Looking Attractive

Medical Esthetician Dr. Biran Ekici gave information on the subject. The greatest gift of medical aesthetics is non-surgical aesthetic applications. Without going under the knife, without the need for long and painful recovery periods, they do wonders with small touches. [...]

Karsan will introduce its electric buses

Karsan to Introduce Electric Buses

Karsan Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. will promote its electric buses. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), “Our company has developed 10, 12 vehicles to meet the needs of environmentally friendly buses by following the changes in public transportation. [...]

You can get any product you want from America

You can buy the product you want from America

American Package is a leading company that supplies materials that individuals want to buy from the USA, for products that cannot be obtained in Turkey or on their websites in Turkey. Since the company was founded, it has been making calls from America. [...]

increase shopping opportunities

Increasing Shopping Opportunities!

Established in the industry, which has been providing an effective service since the beginning, is in its third year of service. In this context, it has the qualifications to clearly show its difference in the sector. especially abroad [...]