Mercedes-Benz Makes Its Mark on IAA MOBILITY

mercedes benz iaa left its mark on mobility
mercedes benz iaa left its mark on mobility

Mercedes-Benz presented its new models to its customers at the IAA MOBILITY fair held in Munich between 7-12 September 2021. zamAt the same time, it stands out as a communication-based and experiential brand throughout the fair. With the IAA MOBILITY concept, which took place for the first time this year, the brand takes advantage of all the technological opportunities offered by the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA). With a variety of themed experiences at the Blue Line and exhibition center in the city centre, Mercedes-Benz is making an emotionally tangible transition to a zero-emissions, sustainable and digital future. Mercedes-Benz is once again demonstrating its claim to be the “pioneer of electricity” at IAA Mobility.

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Mercedes-Benz showcases its full range of electric mobility, current and future

10 of the 7 world promotions are completely electric models. This demonstrates the momentum that the electrification process has gained across all brands. From the compact class to the performance luxury sedan and MPV, Mercedes-Benz is displaying its full portfolio of electric vehicles at Odeonsplatz. EQB 350 4MATICEQE 350Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC +Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQSConcept Mercedes-Benz EQGConcept EQT ve smart concept #1 World launch of 7 new all-electric vehicles, including

From Mercedes-EQ models EQA 250EQC 400 4MATICEQS 580 4MATICEQV 300smart EQ fortwo coupé ve smart EQ fortwo convertible took its place at the fair. Thus, Mercedes-Benz creates a sustainable brand experience with all its brands and forms the basis of its strategy of “Being a Pioneer in Electricity”.

World launches are not limited to electrics

Other new vehicles are also on display in the middle of the stand. In addition to the new all-electric EQE and the Mercedes-AMG EQS, there are other models debuting at the IAA. Mercedes-AMG's first performance hybrid model Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE PERFORMANCE (weighted, average fuel consumption: 8,6 l/100 km; weighted, average energy consumption: 10,3 kWh/100 km; weighted, average CO2 emissions: 196 g/km) and C-Class All-Terrain Apart from a new S 680 GUARD 4MATIC (average fuel consumption: 19,5 lt/100 km; average CO2 emissions: 442 g/km) is on display for the first time.

Bettina Fetzer, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz AG; “The IAA MOBILITY concept is in some ways similar to our approach at IAA 2017 and 2019 in Frankfurt, where we addressed new target groups and focused on social issues in a dialogical and experiential format. That's why we welcome the new IAA Mobility format. We create communal spaces in Munich where people can interact. We offer an all-encompassing and contemporary brand experience and deliver innovative, sustainable, digital solutions and services for the future of transportation.” said.

Fairs are an efficient marketing tool for Mercedes-Benz, because many people make contact with the brand in a short time. Visitors can experience products and services and speak directly to experts. For example, at the 2019 IAA, over 561.000 people came to the Mercedes-Benz booth in two weeks. However, customer needs are changing. for Mercedes-Benz zamIt is important to develop a fair format that is suitable for the spirit of the moment and the needs and current problems of the society. The new IAA concept achieves this with its presentation options such as “Open Space”, “Blue Line” and “Summit”, apart from focusing on sustainability and the transportation of the future.

Open Space: Comprehensive brand experience and live art space at Odeonsplatz

The Open Space experience at Odeonsplatz in the city center aligns with Mercedes-Benz's sustainable business strategy and goes beyond the automotive concept. An exhibition on sustainability, consisting of current and future all-electric vehicles, is combined with works of art and a stage performance in the evenings. “As a contemporary and luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz is committed to sustainability.” using the expressions Bettina fetzer; “First of all, we only show all-electric vehicles. In addition, as a company, we want to contribute to the social and cultural life of cities. We want to inspire visitors and residents beyond urban transport and create a strong, forward-looking Mercedes-Benz image.” says. “Open Space” is free and open to all.

Most of the vehicles are located on the ground floor, which is open from all sides. Above it, a bent slab in the middle rises in a low “V” shape, forming a roof over two visually distinct spaces. More than just vehicles are on display in the Mercedes-EQ area. Here are exhibits on powertrain technology (EQS drivetrain), unique Mercedes-EQ design and convenient charging solutions. The design of this space implies the close relationship between nature and technology. The second area hosts the vehicles of Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart brands. Individual brand identities are clearly emphasized and differentiated through a reinterpretation of brand aesthetics. The term “urban simplicity” is used as a guide for this. The quality design provides an attractive contrast with the simple structures that set the brands apart and form a framework within the overall space.

Walking roof with green space, floating art and neo-classical concerts

The bent slab above the ground floor creates a roof that allows walking on it. This area is covered with greenery like a park and offers an area suitable for walking. A scenic road takes the form of a “green road” that presents the sustainability themes of the Mercedes-Benz business strategy in an engaging way.

US sculptor Janet Echelman's sculpture “Earthtime 1.26 Munich” hangs above the park-like landscape. The 24 x 21 meter artwork is in constant flux due to the forces of nature and therefore symbolizes the dynamics of our ecosystem. The sculpture was made from recyclable high-tech fibers woven like a fishing net. Wind, rain and light are constantly changing the shape and color of the web. Colorful LED lights make fluidly moving shapes glow in the dark. The artwork will grace Odeonsplatz until early October 2021.

Open Space, same zamAt the moment, an evening concert venue with a musical production called “Artificial Spirit by Mercedes-Benz” below the illuminated statue. Every evening from 7-11 September, there will be performances by world-renowned neo-classical artists who cross the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music: Brandt Brauer Frick (7/9), Rival Consoles (8/9), Lisa Morgenstern (9/9) , Stimming x Lambert (10/9) and Hania Rani (11/9). The interplay of architecture, visual art and music makes the Mercedes-Benz Open Space at Odeonsplatz a vibrant venue for art.

Summit: digital technologies and services for the transportation of the future

The Summit in the B3 exhibition hall focuses on software for the transportation of the future. The various thematic areas, offering various opportunities for communication, showcase the holistic approach Mercedes-Benz takes to advance digitalisation. The exhibition stand is in the form of a physical network; illuminated beams connect the wall elements to create an open space structure that groups the four sections around a central space.

  • “Autonomous Driving – Next level: DRIVE PILOT” provides information on driving assistance systems, parking assistants and DRIVE PILOT, the level 3 high-end autonomous driving already in use in the S-Class and EQS.
  • “Mobile Access – Mercedes me's digital ecosystem” focuses on digital services such as Mercedes me, EQ ready or Mercedes me Green Charge, as well as technologies such as a digital car key or Automatic Valet Parking.
  • “Interfaces of the Future – the inspiring world of VISION AVTR” offers a comprehensive look at the future of mobility with the pioneering VISION AVTR concept car. It demonstrates how to manage the user interface using the power of thought (Brain Computer Interface technology). It also provides the visual connection between passengers and the outside world through the curved display module instead of the traditional instrument cluster. Apart from that, the flow of energy and information is visualized by digital neurons, the biometric connection between the vehicle and the driver.
  • “Seamless Integration – the holistic assistance of MBUX” highlights, among other things, the MBUX infotainment system with artificial intelligence, MBUX Hyperscreen, customization options, voice-controlled smart home integration and in-car office functions.

Blue Line: electric and autonomous test drives

The Blue Line is the most practical way to experience electric driving and experience the excitement of climate-friendly transportation. There are 40 vehicles for test drives on the route between the fairgrounds and the city center. 31 Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid vehicles from A-Class to GLE, apart from 9 all-electric models (EQA, EQC, EQS, EQV and smart EQ fortwo coupé and convertible) from Mercedes-EQ, Mercedes-Benz and smart brands. IAA visitors can experience up-to-date electric mobility for themselves by driving these vehicles and talking to Mercedes-Benz experts. In addition, the brand sheds light on the future with autonomous driving technology introductions. Depending on the weather and traffic, partially or conditionally autonomous driving on the Blue Line is possible with the DRIVE PILOT in the EQS. Mercedes-Benz also demonstrates its fully automatic and driverless parking and exiting skills with the S-Class's SMART PARK PILOT (Automatic Valet Parking) in the parking lot at the exhibition centre.

#MBIAA21 – experience all innovations and events digitally

Mercedes-Benz shares information on all new products, topics and events throughout the IAA via the website and the hashtag #MBIAA21. It is also represented in the IAA application of the luxury automaker VDA. Anyone with an IAA ticket can book a test drive for the Blue Line through this app. In addition, reservations can be made directly at the test vehicles point for instant test drives. “EXOS Odeonsplatz” stands out as another experience application. This app offers in-depth information about Mercedes-Benz at the Open Space and Summit, as well as various marketing topics. This application creates the possibility of being there virtually for those who cannot go to Munich. The app also offers more content for visitors in the space about the various touchpoints in the Open Space, with exclusive digital content. By scanning NFC chips, visitors can access more information on various topics and explore vehicle functions. In addition, EXOS app users can participate in competitions and win exclusive access (including drinks) to concerts such as "Artificial Spirit by Mercedes-Benz".

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