A First in Turkey, Gambling Addiction Treatment Center Opened


Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital Addiction Center launched the "Gambling Addiction Treatment Center", a first in Turkey, for gambling addiction.

According to the hospital's statement, the Gambling Addiction Treatment Center was launched, breaking new ground in Turkey in terms of gambling addiction, which has reached dangerous levels thanks to online games.

The Director of the Center Prof. Dr. Kültegin Ögel emphasized that online games, which are easily accessed thanks to the internet and easily infiltrated into every computer and every mobile phone, raise the reality of gambling addiction to frightening levels.
Pointing out that even primary school children play these online games and are addicted to gambling, Ögel said:

“Gambling, which is defined as playing games of chance for money or other gains, is in our daily lives, even if we do not realize it. Many people around us are addicted to gambling and think they have to fight it alone.


gambling addiction; It is defined as persistent and recurrent inappropriate gambling behavior that disrupts personal, family or professional goals. People who gamble often have a false sense of control and think that the gambling addict should solve their problems on their own. That's why they continue to gamble again and again to win the money they've lost, but the loss often continues exponentially.”

Stating that the Gambling Addiction Treatment Program is based on the joint and coordinated work of the patient, the treatment team and the family, Ögel said that the main goals of the program are to recognize gambling addiction, to determine the risk situation and to identify specific solutions, to recognize the mental problems that may accompany addiction and to develop solution methods, to re-play. To regulate life, to learn to recognize and cope with risky situations, to learn to live healthy, to know oneself, to learn to cope with desires, feelings and thoughts, to develop skills such as acceptance, honesty, enduring pain, and to have a positive attitude by including the family, which is one of the important components of treatment, in order to prevent and to enable them to exhibit behavior, he said.


Ögel pointed out that the program in question is also suitable for online treatment options. He stated that within the scope of the Gambling Addiction Treatment Program, a patient-specific and holistic approach such as clinical evaluation, drug therapy, individual therapies, personal healing program, group therapies and family group therapies is tried to be ensured to prevent the gambling behavior of the patients.


Psychologist Kinyas Tekin explained how to find out if a person is addicted: “A person; spend a significant part of the day gambling or zamspends the moment thinking/planning, prefers to gamble as an escape from the problems he encounters in daily life, zamIf he/she experiences feelings such as restlessness, tension or malaise at times, if he/she prefers to gamble again to gain what he/she has lost while gambling, zamor lies about the money spent, there are frequent unsuccessful attempts to stop playing, saying 'I won't play anymore' and unable to stop himself from playing again, there are ways of illegally obtaining money to gamble or to make up for lost money, have problems in interpersonal relationships due to gambling If he is alive and still continues, gambling addiction should be suspected.”

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