Kosovo Army to Supply BMC Shooter

Aiming to undergo a comprehensive modernization of its army, Kosovo will procure 14 BMC Vuran 4×4 from Turkey. Kosovo, close zamAs part of the comprehensive military modernization that it has initiated, it will procure 14 BMC Vuran 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (TTZA) from Turkey. The said modernization; It includes 10 years of training, reform and foreign procurement of military equipment, and envisions Kosovo having an army compatible with NATO. As reported by RTKLive, there is also a 5.2 Euro budget allocated for purchases from the USA through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) in their procurement plans.

As reported by the EUObserver, in recent years Kosovo has made clear its intentions to establish a regular army, despite Serbia's potential backlash. This intention is the same zamIt was also supported by the USA and Germany at the time. Currently, there are approximately 3800 NATO personnel in Kosovo under the name of KFOR (Kosovo Force).

BMC Shooter 4×4

The Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle Shooter 4×4 is a member of the Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle family developed by BMC. Vuran, which stands out with its 9-person carrying capacity, high protection and mobility, provides protection against mines and ballistic threats with its 4×4 monocoque type armored cabin and windows, shock absorbing seats. It also stands out with its front and rear cameras, automatic fire extinguishing system, central tire inflation feature, remote-controlled automatic weapon station option, A/C heating and cooling features.

Multipurpose Armored Vehicle Shoot Hitting Mortar Public Vehicle
Length 6300mm (6810mm with spare wheel) 6300mm (6810mm with spare wheel)
Width 2550 mm 2620 mm
Height 2680mm (3350mm with Gun Turret) 2850 mm
Brakes Disc type ABS
Crew 9 3
Azami Weight 18500kg 18850kg
Motor Cummins ISL9E3 8,9lt
Motor power 375BG @ 2100rpm
Engine Torque 1550nm @ 1200rpm
Gearbox Allison 3000 series 6 + 1 Automatic
Range 600km
Azami Speed 110km / h
Transfer Case GHM MTC (Two Speed) 4 × 4
Environmental Conditions MIL STD 810G -32 ° C, + 55 ° C
Steep Slope 60%
Side Slope 30%
Underbelly Height 400 mm
Water Crossing Height 800 mm
Electric System MIL STD 1275 24 Volt
Battery 2 pieces 12V, 235Ah
tires 395/85 R 20 & 10 x 20 ″ Runflat
Suspension Independent Suspension
Body V- Base, Monocoque
Optional Equipment KBRN, Fog Mortars, Out-of-Vehicle Fire Extinguishing System, RPG Protection Net, Self Rescue Winch, Jamming-Blunt System, Gun Detection Device, Sniper Detection and Monitoring System X

Source: defenceturk

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