What Should Be Considered While Buying a Dental Unit?

What should be considered when buying a dis unit
What should be considered when buying a dis unit

The dental unit is the most basic dental equipment that allows a dentist to work comfortably and the patient to sit comfortably for treatment.

According to the range, various brands offer this equipment with different functions and benefits, with different models and at different prices. dental unit Relying on a single criterion (such as having a dental unit just by looking at the price) will be insufficient because there are many factors to consider and the various features it has are too many.

The dental units offered to you with the assurance of Metco Dental are as follows:

RITTER Ultimate Comfort Smart Dental Unit

It is an economical, effective and fully functional dental unit suitable for dental clinics of all sizes.

APPLE Dental M Series Dental Unit

Apple Dental A-M1/M2 series units are extremely stylish and elegant products designed for clinics that care about aesthetics as well as quality. It gives your clinic a different aesthetic with the outer parts that are compatible with the seat upholstery of the devices.

APPLE Dental AP-021 Dental Unit with Folding Seat

It is a unit that can be used in operations thanks to its multi-functional foot pedal and special reflector with high lighting power.

APPLE Dental AP-025 Integral Dental Unit

Apple Dental AP-025 series units meet both the quality and aesthetic needs of your clinic. Its most distinctive feature is its design that supports bidirectional work in order to appeal to left-handed physicians. In other words, the AP-025 is a unit that allows working from both the right and left sides.

Do not forget, since 1991, all about dental health in Turkey. dental products Metco Dental is the biggest supporter of your dentist with the World's Number One brands.

On all matters you want to consult; You can send an e-mail to metco@metcodental.com or call 0216 345 7424 for information.

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