International Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training Breathtaking


Press and distinguished observer day of the International Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training was held at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya. Press and distinguished observer day of the International Anatolian Eagle-21 Training, planned between 2 June and 2021 July with the participation of NATO, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Pakistan, Turkish Air and Naval Forces, with a briefing at the Anatolian Eagle Training Center of the 3rd Main Jet Base Command. started.

Then, the elements participating in the training made their flights on the runway. Azerbaijan, which participated in the trainings held in previous years with the status of "observer", took part in the training with its own air elements in the status of "participant element" for the first time this year.

NATO E-3A, Azerbaijan two SU-25 and MiG-29, Qatar 4 Rafale, Pakistan 5 JF-17, Turkish Naval Forces Command two frigates and gunboats, Air Force Command 39 F-16s, 2 KC-135R, participated with one E-7T and ANKA S.

During the International Anatolian Eagle-2021 Training, for the first time, the certification assessment of the capabilities committed to the NATO Response Force (NRF) was carried out.

The combat readiness and interoperability capabilities of 6 F-16s, 1 KC-135R tanker aircraft and 6 Stinger Air Defense Teams committed to the Very High Readiness Joint Task Forces by the Turkish Air Force were inspected by NATO and national elements.

As part of the program, the MSB Janissary Union performed beautiful marches, while SOLOTÜRK and Turkish Stars performed demonstration flights.

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