PMT 7,62 Machine Gun Delivery from Sarsılmaz to Gendarmerie


Sarılmaz delivered the PMT 7,62 / SAR 240 machine gun, which it has been producing with domestic facilities, to the Gendarmerie

The first delivery in question to the Gendarmerie General Command was made by the President of Turkish Defense Industry Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir announced. Demir said the first delivery, “We are ending dependence on foreign sources in a weapon system, and making it available to our security forces with domestic and national production. We made the first deliveries of the 7.62 mm Machine Gun PMT 7.62 for platforms to the Gendarmerie. Best wishes. No Stopping, Keep Moving!” announced with his words.

Regarding the PMT 7,62 / SAR 240 machine guns, in February 2021 TC SSB Prof. Dr. Emphasizing that the development process continues, İsmail Demir said, “The development of the 7.62 mm Machine Gun PMT 7.62 for platforms continues. In this weapon system, which we will start to deliver after its qualification is completed, we will end dependence on foreign sources and will now make it available to our security forces with domestic and national production.” made his statements.


According to the information we obtained at the 3rd Efficiency and Technology Fair, SARSILMAZ started and continues mass production deliveries of PMT 7,62 / SAR 240 machine guns. Compatible with gun turrets, the PMT 7,62 / SAR 240 machine guns can be integrated into the turret and used by the infantry with minor changes according to user preference. Sarsılmaz is also nearing the end of its work on the SAR 127 heavy machine gun. a close zamIt is aimed to switch to the production process in the moment.


Speaking to TRT Haber in January 2020, Sarsılmaz Arms Industry Deputy General Manager Nuri Kızıltan shared the latest situation regarding the ongoing machine gun projects. Noting that the mass production process of the 7,62×51 mm PMT 7,62 has begun, Kızıltan said, “Since 2013, the submachine guns SAR 109T, SAR 223P, Currently, the second version of the SAR-56 is in the service of both our army and security forces. In addition, we are among the manufacturers of MPT-76, which is the project of our country's Defense Industry Presidency. In the last period, we switched to the production of machine guns as a major move. We started production of 7,62×51 mm SAR 762 MT and 12,7×99 mm SAR 127 MT rifles within the scope of the Defense Industry Presidency's project. We are currently in the prototype stage of the 12,7×99 mm diameter SAR 127 MT. We also started the serial production of the SAR 7,62 MT with a diameter of 51×762 mm. We will make our first delivery this month.” made his statements.

In the information note previously shared by the SSB, it was announced that the delivery of the PMT 7,62 / SAR 240 machine guns developed for the Sarılmaz platforms would begin in 2021.

Need for a Domestic Machine Gun

Domestic infantry rifles were taken into inventory in large numbers and an important gap was eliminated. However, the need for special forces, infantry and especially machine guns used in on-vehicle equipment is mostly met by foreign resources. In times of crisis, it may not be possible to meet these weapons from various foreign manufacturers. For this reason, the production of machine guns of our domestic manufacturerszamis of utmost importance. Machine guns used in remote-controlled weapon systems are especially important. NRCs play an important role in fire support. Our domestic machine guns are designed in similar sizes to the machine guns currently used in our vehicles.

Source: defenceturk

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