MOOV fleet Continues to Strengthen with Kia Stonic

moov fleet kia stonicle continued to strengthen
moov fleet kia stonicle continued to strengthen

MOOV, Turkey's first free roaming car sharing brand, continues its fleet investments without interruption. Providing the MOOVERs with the opportunity to rent a car for as long as they wish, in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, MOOV continued to rejuvenate its fleet, this time with 150 Kia Stonics.

Stating that they continue to innovate and invest in line with the needs of their users, whom they define as MOOVER, Garenta and General Manager Emre Ayyıldız said, “MOOV has changed the routine in transportation. Especially with the epidemic period, it has become an important transportation alternative. With our environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable approach, we provide equal opportunities in transportation for everyone. We are increasing the number of MOOVERs every day. In a short period of 2,5 years, we exceeded 700 thousand members and the number of people who downloaded the application exceeded 2 million. We continue our investments uninterruptedly in order to meet the interest in MOOV and improve our service. We renewed our fleet with 400 Kia Picantos in the first quarter of this year, now we have added 150 vehicles in the B SUV segment to our fleet with Kia Stonic, and we continue to serve Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara with more than 2 vehicles through a single application.”

Emre Ayyıldız, who said that business models based on the sharing economy are becoming more widespread and that its reflection on transportation is car sharing, said, "After the generation Y who discovered the sharing economy, the Z generation, who grew up with digital, also prefer to rent instead of buying, to use as much as they need, to environmentally friendly brands, and to follow trends closely. As Turkey's leading car sharing brand, we both break new ground and offer a fully digital experience from contract to rental. This year, we launched the 'Opportunity Tools' option and implemented a new first-of-its-kind waste and crowdsourcing practices. We offer discounts of up to 60 TL to MOOVERs under the "Opportunity Vehicles" option, "Drop Off Opportunity", "Fuel Opportunity", "Distance Opportunity". With the opportunity tools that are used more than a thousand times a day, we both enable our users to gain discounts and make them a part of the system.” used the phrases.

Underlining that MOOV is an environmentally friendly transportation model, Ayyıldız said that they have passed 2 thousand tons of CO12 emissions with the number of rentals more than 2 million times. Ayyıldız also added that they saved 8 tons of water per year with their optimized cleaning methods, 700 liters of fuel per month thanks to the digital contract, and 7 million pieces of paper per year.

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