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Today, thanks to the ever-developing technology, there is almost no disease that has no cure. Unfortunately, individuals experience some health problems due to sudden traumas or bad living conditions. One of the most common of these health problems is kidney failure. Kidney failure can occur in two different types of health problems: acute or chronic. The main issue in this health problem is the inability of the kidneys to filter the blood and clean the dirty blood. When the kidneys cannot clean the dirty blood, some health problems arise. In order for the kidneys to perform this task, which they cannot fulfill, they need help from a dialysis device. Thanks to the state-of-the-art dialysis device, it is possible for the kidneys to fulfill their duties, and thus the dirty blood is cleaned and delivered back to the body. Dialysis treatment is a type of treatment that should be continued regularly and will become a routine in the lives of sick people. As a result of regular ongoing dialysis treatment, people with acute kidney failure can fully recover after a while, but this is not possible for people with chronic kidney failure. However, it is quite possible for individuals with chronic kidney failure to continue their normal lives with regular treatment.

Boğaziçi Dialysis Center for Reliable Dialysis Treatment

Especially recently, hygiene has become a much more important issue for all of us. The epidemic has revealed how important hygiene is in all areas of our lives. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to whether the center you choose complies with the hygiene rules when choosing a dialysis center. Istanbul Pendik Dialysis Centers Boğaziçi dialysis center, which has the most hygienic environment among all, is regularly disinfected by professional cleaning personnel. By choosing the Boğaziçi dialysis center, you can have the chance to see your dialysis treatment in an extremely sterile environment with peace of mind. During the dialysis treatment process, being psychologically strong and comfortable as well as physical comfort is an important factor. For this reason, Boğaziçi dialysis center offers patients special LCD TV and free wifi in order to make you psychologically comfortable. Thus, while continuing your dialysis treatment, it is possible to spend time on TV or on the Internet as you wish. Boğaziçi dialysis center also offers you a special free service. Thanks to this free service, you can have the chance to continue your dialysis treatment in a very comfortable way without any transportation problems. Even though Boğaziçi dialysis center is in a private institution, it offers you the best service at affordable prices as it has an agreement with SGK.

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