TAI Ranks Second in R&D 250 Research


TAI ranked second in Turkishtime R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Spending Companies list

Turkish Aerospace was ranked second among the companies included in the research in the “R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Spending Companies 2020” research conducted by Turkishtime. TAI ranked second among the companies included in the research with 2020 billion 2 million 648 thousand 665 lira expenditures in 457.

TAI has become one of the companies employing the most researchers with 2020 R&D projects and 98 employees in 3. According to the research, R&D expenditures of TAI in 389 decreased by 2020 million 365 thousand 150 TL compared to the previous year. TUSAS, yIt continues its investments and works and continues to contribute to the Turkish Defense Industry.

TAI announced 2020 R&D studies statistics

TUSAŞ, which made 2020 patent applications in 64 and allocates 40% of its turnover to R&D studies, continues to invest in the future with its R&D personnel of over 3.000. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) continues to use technology and R&D as fundamental leverage to provide permanent competitive advantage on a global scale. According to the share made on its official Twitter account, TAI applied for 2020 patents in 64. While the number of patent applications was 2019 in 43, it was announced as 2018 patent applications in 24.

Statistics, "By keeping technology and innovation at the center of our R&D activities, we increase our national and international patent and utility product development activities every year and continue to add strength to the defense industry.” was announced.

Source: defenceturk

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