June Normalization Measures Circular from the Ministry of Interior! Here are all the details

All details are requested from the Ministry of the Interior for the June normalization measures circular.
All details are requested from the Ministry of the Interior for the June normalization measures circular.

In order to manage the risk posed by the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in terms of public health and public order and to keep the rate of spread of the disease under control, the rules and precautions to be followed for all areas of life, as well as the basic principles of the fight against the epidemic, cleaning, mask and distance rules; It is determined in line with the decisions taken in the Presidential Cabinet as a result of the evaluation of the general course of the epidemic and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee.

In this context, increasing social isolation with partial closure, full closure and gradual normalization measures implemented respectively since 14 April 2021; As a result of both our beloved nation's prudent and self-sacrificing approach to complying with the measures, it is known to the public that the number of daily cases, patients and seriously ill patients has decreased significantly.

On the other hand, in order to maintain this success achieved together, to keep the spread of the epidemic under control and to ensure permanent normalization with the accelerated vaccination activities, it remains important to comply with the measures to combat the epidemic in the coming period.

In this direction, the developments in the course of the epidemic and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee were discussed in the Presidential Cabinet dated May 31, 2021, convened under the chairmanship of our President; Within the scope of the second phase of the gradual normalization process to be implemented throughout June, the following measures will be taken: From 1 on Tuesday, 2021 June 05.00 considered to be implemented.


In the second phase of the gradual normalization period; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 22.00:05.00 – XNUMX:XNUMXOn Sundays, it starts from 22.00:05.00 on Saturday and covers the whole Sunday and at XNUMX:XNUMX on Monday. The curfew will be implemented to be completed.

1.1– The places and persons specified in the Annex will be exempted from the restriction in order to ensure the continuity of production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains, and to ensure the continuity of health, agriculture and forest activities during the period and days when the curfew will be applied.

Exemptions granted for the curfew, as clearly stated in our Circular dated 14.12.2020 and numbered 20799, the reason for the exemption and accordingly zamIt is limited to the moment and route, otherwise it will be considered as abuse of exemptions and will be subject to administrative / judicial sanctions.

Persons working in places such as workplaces / factories / workshops that are exempted from curfew are obliged to submit the "work permit duty document" obtained through the Ministry of Interior e-Application system on the e-Government platform within the framework of our Circular No. 29.04.2021 dated 7705. However, in cases such as NACE code matching error, failure to obtain a job certificate because the subcontractor is not within the scope of exemption despite working at a workplace within the scope of the exemption, or access error, the "work permit", the sample of which is included in the annex of the aforementioned circular, is filled in manually and signed with the declaration/commitment of the employer and the employee. duty document form” can also be submitted during the audits.

1.2On Sundays, there will be a full-time curfew grocers, markets, greengrocers, butchers, nuts and sweets 10.00-17.00 Our citizens will be able to go to the nearest grocery store, market, greengrocer, butcher, dried fruit and dessert shops (except for our disabled citizens), provided that they are limited to meeting their mandatory needs and not driving (except for our disabled citizens).

1.3– During the period and days when the curfew is applied, the bakery and/or bakery licensed workplaces where bread production is made and only the bread selling dealers of these workplaces (only for the sale of bread and bakery products) will be open. Our citizens will be able to go to the bakery, which is within walking distance of their residence (except for our disabled citizens), provided that they are limited to meeting their bread and bakery product needs and not driving.

Bread distribution vehicles belonging to bakery and bakery licensed businesses can only serve bread to markets and grocery stores, and no sales will be made on the streets.

1.4– The exemption from the curfew for foreigners only covers foreigners who are in our country for a temporary/short time within the scope of touristic activities; Foreigners in our country outside the scope of touristic activities, including those with residence permits, temporary protection status or international protection applicants and status holders, are subject to curfews.

1.5– Our citizens who are in advanced age groups or who are unable to meet their own needs or who have serious illnesses. Their basic needs, which they report on 112, 155 and 156 numbers, will be met by VEFA Social Support Groups.Necessary measures will be taken by the Governors and District Governors in order to assign personnel and meet the needs as soon as possible.

1.6– Regarding our citizens aged 65 and over, young people under the age of 18 and our children who have received two doses of vaccination by exercising their right to be vaccinated, a curfew restriction will not be applied apart from the curfew for everyone.

Although they have the right to be vaccinated, our citizens aged 65 and over who are not vaccinated will only be able to go out between 10.00 and 14.00 on other days except Sundays; On Sundays, they will be subject to a full-day curfew.

1.7– Regardless of whether they are subject to the curfew, our citizens aged 65 and over, young people under the age of 18 and our children will not be able to use public transportation vehicles (metro, metrobus, bus, minibus, minibus, etc.).

Students who are deemed appropriate by the Ministry of National Education to conduct face-to-face education and training will be exempted from this provision.


In the second stage of the gradual normalization period; Inter-city travel restriction will be applied only during the period and days where the curfew is applied, and there will be no restrictions on inter-city travel during the period when the curfew is not applied.

2.1- Exceptions to travel restrictions between cities;

– During the periods and days when the curfew is applied, our citizens will not be required to obtain a separate travel permit for their inter-city travels by public transport such as plane, train, bus, and they will not be required to travel between cities with a ticket, reservation code, etc. It will suffice to present them with The mobility of people in this situation between the intercity public transportation vehicles and their residences will be exempt from the curfew, provided that they are compatible with the departure-arrival times.

– Public officials (inspectors, inspectors, etc.) assigned by the relevant Ministry or public institution or organization within the scope of the performance of a compulsory public duty will be allowed to travel between cities by private or official vehicles, provided that they present their corporate identity card and assignment document.

- To attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, deceased first-degree relative or sibling or to accompany the funeral transfer of any relative of the funeral belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the e-government gate. e-Application or a ALO 199 The applications they will make through the systems (up to 9 people who are relatives will be able to notify) will be automatically approved by the system without wasting time, and the necessary travel permit document will be created for the deceased relatives to travel with their special vehicles.

Our citizens who will apply within the scope of funeral transport and burial procedures will not be asked to submit any documents, and the necessary inquiry will be made automatically before the travel permit document is issued through the integration provided with the Ministry of Health.

2.2- It is essential that our citizens do not travel between cities with their private vehicles during the period and days in which curfew is applied.

However, in the presence of the following mandatory conditions, our citizens are required to document this situation; belonging to the Ministry of Interior via e-government e-Application and ALO 199 They can also travel in their private vehicles, provided that they obtain permission from the Travel Permit Boards established within the Governorate / District Governorship. Persons granted a Travel Permit will be exempt from the curfew during their travel period.

Conditions to be Considered Required;

  • Having been discharged from the hospital where he was treated and wishing to return to his original residence, referred with a doctor's report and/or having a previous doctor's appointment/control,
  • Accompanying himself or his wife's first-degree relative or sibling who are being treated in hospitalup to 2 people),
  • End to current city 5 days Those who have arrived in Turkey but do not have a place to stay and want to return to their place of residence (those who submit a travel ticket that they came within 5 days, the license plate they came from, other documents showing their travel, and information),
  • Those who will participate in the exams announced by ÖSYM and the exams planned at the central level,
  • Who want to complete their military service and return to their settlements,
  • An invitation letter for private or public daily contract,
  • Released from penal institutions,

It will be accepted that people have a mandatory condition.


3.1– Eating and drinking places (such as restaurants, restaurants, cafeterias, patisseries);

  • Compliance with all the rules specified in the Ministry of Health's Epidemic Management and Working Guide, 2 metersbetween the chairs next to each other ? cm keeping distance,
  • At the same table at the same time three in open areas and more than two in closed areas. not accepting customers,


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 07.00-21.00 service at the table, pick-up and takeaway, 21.00 – 24.00 only takeaway service between hours,
  • On Sundays, 07.00 - 24.00 They will be able to operate only in the form of take-away service between hours.

3.2- Those whose activities have been suspended since April 14, 2021;

  • movie theaters,
  • Places such as coffee houses, coffee houses, cafes, association tavern, tea garden,
  • Internet cafe/lounge, electronic game places, billiard rooms,
  • Carpet pitches, sports halls, outdoor swimming pools,
  • Amusement parks and theme parks,

Businesses in the field of activity;

  • Compliance with the rules determined separately for each business line / field of activity in the Ministry of Health Outbreak Management and Work Guide,
  • Do not play games (including paper-okey, backgammon) in places such as coffeehouse, coffee house, cafe, association tavern, tea garden, teahouse, and not accept more than three customers at the same table in the open areas and two in the indoor areas at the same time,
  • in movie theaters 50% capacity (one seat and one seat empty) complying with the limit,

provided that they will be able to operate between 1 - 2021 as of June 07.00, 21.00 (except Sundays).
On the other hand, the activities of indoor swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas and massage parlors, hookah lounge/cafes, and workplaces such as casinos, taverns, and beer houses will continue to be suspended until a new decision is taken.

3.3– Shops such as clothing, haberdashery, glassware, hardware, tailors, barbers, offices and offices, etc., in the retail and service sector, other than the workplaces listed above. workplaces and shopping malls;

  • They will be able to operate between 07.00 - 21.00 hours (except on Sundays), provided that they comply with all epidemic fighting measures determined for the business line they are in, in the Epidemic Management and Working Guide of the Ministry of Health.

3.4– In order to prevent the intensity of opening or general discount applications specific to certain days or hours by various workplaces, especially chain markets, discount applications should be made for long periods of at least one week.

3.5– On Sundays, when a full-day curfew will be applied; In the markets (including chains and supermarkets), electronic goods, toys, stationery, clothing and accessories, alcohol, home textiles, auto accessories, garden materials, hardware, glassware, etc. Products will not be allowed to be sold.

3.6– Market places will be able to operate between 07.00 and 20.00 (except on Sundays), provided that they comply with the rules set in the Epidemic Management and Working Guide of the Ministry of Health.

3.7– Online grocery and food order companies will be able to work as home/address service between 07.00 – 24.00 on weekdays and weekends.


Kindergartens and kindergartens that are currently operating will continue their activities in the second phase of the gradual normalization, and the implementation will continue as announced to the public by the Ministry of National Education for all other school and class levels.


In line with the Circular of the Presidency dated 14.04.2021 and numbered 2021/8 and the letter of the Presidency of Administrative Affairs dated 27.04.2021 and numbered 17665, 10.00 – 16.00 In the second phase of the gradual normalization period, the implementation of the flexible working method such as between-hours overtime system and remote/alternating will continue.


6.1Except for the general assemblies of sports clubs, which are obligatory periodically, all kinds of events with broad participation, including the general assembly, of non-governmental organizations, trade unions, professional organizations in the nature of public institutions and their superior organizations, unions and cooperatives June 15, 2021 will be delayed until

General assemblies of sports clubs, which must be held periodically; physical distance and compliance with cleaning/mask/distance rules and minimum per person in open areas 4 m²minimum per person in confined spaces 6 m² can be done provided that the space is left.

As of Tuesday, June 15, 2021, activities with broad participation, including the general assembly, to be held by non-governmental organizations, trade unions, public professional organizations, unions and cooperatives; Physical distance and mask / distance / cleaning rules will be followed, provided that a minimum of 4 m² per person in open areas and a minimum of 6 m² per person in closed areas will be left.

6.2- Weddings in the form of wedding ceremonies and wedding ceremonies;

in open areas; 

  • Complying with all the rules regarding wedding ceremonies and weddings in the Epidemic Management and Working Guide of the Ministry of Health,
  • Keeping the necessary distance between the tables and chairs and complying with the cleaning, mask and distance rules,
  • Not providing food and drink,
  • In closed areas, in addition to the above rules;
  • Leaving a minimum of 6 m² per person,
  • AzamIt can be made starting from Tuesday, June 100, 1, provided that it is limited to 2021 guests.
  • Food and beverage catering and indoor areas azamThe restrictions on the number of invitees will end on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Food and beverage can be served in wedding ceremonies and weddings after this date, provided that at least 6 m² per person is left in closed areas.zamThe limit of i participants will not be applied.
  • Events such as engagement and henna will be allowed after 1 July 2021.

6.3– Visits to those staying in social protection/care centers such as nursing homes, nursing homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, and children's homes will be allowed for a maximum of one visit per week for each person staying in these places.


7.1- Public transport vehicles operating between cities (excluding aircraft); the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license. 50% of They will be able to accept passengers in the ratio of the passengers and the way the passengers in the vehicle are sitting will prevent the passengers from contacting each other. (1 full 1 empty) will be in the way.

Bus, train etc. During the determination of the capacity limitation in intercity public transportation vehicles, people residing at the same address and from the same nuclear family (spouse, parents, siblings) will not be included in the calculation and will be allowed to travel side by side.

In addition, passengers can be accepted to the seats by both windows (the middle seats will be left empty) in the intercity public transportation buses with 2 + 1 seat arrangement, and the passenger carrying capacity will be determined accordingly.

7.2– Urban public transportation vehicles (minibuses, midibuses, etc.) will be able to operate subject to a 14.04.2021% capacity limitation and the rule of not accepting standing passengers, within the framework of the principles introduced by our Circular dated 6638 and numbered 50.


8.1– Recreational facilities (excluding those located in the settlement area) on intercity highways and eating and drinking places (limited only to customers with accommodation) within accommodation facilities (hotel, motel, apart hotel, hostel, etc.); They will be able to serve at the same table at the same time, provided that no more than three customers are accepted in their outdoor areas and more than two customers in indoor areas.

8.2– The entertainment centers in the closed areas of the accommodation facilities will be kept closed and no customers will be accepted in these areas.

8.3- Activities in the form of collective entertainment will not be allowed in the open areas of the accommodation facilities, physical distance rules in order to prevent concentration in these places.zami will be taken care of.

8.4– Having a reservation at the accommodation facilities during the period and days when the curfew will be applied (provided that the price has been paid in full) will provide exemption from the curfew and/or inter-city travel restriction for our citizens, and it will be sufficient for our citizens who will travel for this purpose to present their reservation and payment documents during the inspections.

8.5– In line with our Circulars dated 30.09.2020 and numbered 16007 and dated 28.11.2020 and numbered 19986, the audits of accommodation facilities will be carried out effectively, and all kinds of abuse, especially fake reservations, will be prevented.


9.1– By the Governorships and District Governorates; Information activities will be focused on reminding the relevant workplace officials and employees of the measures, procedures and principles to combat the coronavirus epidemic, which are determined separately for each business line/activity area in the Ministry of Health's Epidemic Management and Working Guide.

9.2- Within the framework of the precautions, procedures and principles determined in both the Circulars of our Ministry and the Ministry of Health Outbreak Management and Work Guide, law enforcement officers under the coordination of the Governor and District GovernorszamIntensified inspections will be carried out (reinforced with the staff / officers of other institutions and organizations) with the i-level capacity.

9.3– A guiding approach that kindly invites business owners/employees and our citizens to abide by the rules/behave responsibly will be exhibited in all kinds of audit activities to be carried out. processing facility will not be avoided.

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