What is Plate Recognition System?

Plate Recognition System
Plate Recognition System

License plate recognition system what? Increasing population, improvement in vehicle production technology and increase in the number of vehicle production in this direction brought along many new systems. In order for life to continue in a more systematic and orderly way, the "control" motive has been assigned to many products. One of these products is a set of systems that can read and recognize plates. The first emergence of these systems dates back to 1976, in the British Police Service.

What is Plate Recognition System?

As the name suggests, these systems can read license plates. Various optical camera recognition systems are used for this. With this reading, many elements such as the location of the plate, the country the plate belongs to, the brightness and the paleness of the plate, the letters and colors on the plate can be determined. In areas where systems are located and where vehicle entrances and exits are made, the controls of automobiles can be provided more easily.

Why are License Plate Recognition Systems Used?

License Plate Recognition

The system has many different uses. These purposes may result from reasons such as the instinct to protect the location, that is, defense, keeping the vehicles under control. Or it can be used for different reasons such as fee collection. Military areas, public buildings, parking lots, sites… In short, it is possible to find these systems in every area suitable for the installation of a license plate recognition system.

Where to Buy License Plate Recognition System?

There are many companies that can be preferred in this regard. One of the best companies is Çözüm Arge. The company website is Cozumarge.com.tr. Çözüm Arge, a company specialized in its business, offers a large number of hardware and software services together. In short:

  • Parking software
  • Turnstile system
  • Body temperature measurement systems
  • Door opening motor

And it is possible to contact them for more topics. From Istanbul, Turkey, even giving them software products and services to the world in general.

How Much Are Plate Recognition System Prices?

What is the license plate recognition system? After the answer to the question, many companies want to supply these products. Naturally, how much are the license plate recognition system prices? It is in search of form. Brands and models of the systems differ from company to company. The total number of devices to be procured is also of great importance in determining the price. You can contact Çözüm Arge to get an accurate price information.

License Plate Recognition Systems for Parking Lots

There are some systems that facilitate the current functioning of the car parks. It is extremely important that the fee collection can be done properly. This situation also avoids complexity. The license plates of the vehicles entering the car park are checked through the license plate recognition system. The time the vehicle stays in the parking lot is calculated. A fee is collected according to a specific tariff. In primitive methods, collection and control processes can be more difficult.

Would you like to get more detailed information about license plate recognition systems? Çözüm Arge would be a good choice for examining and purchasing products.


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