Turkish Defense Industry Entered the Top 5 in the World


Dormitory Samsun Defense Industry and Commerce General Manager C. Utku December, evaluated the Turkish defense industry in the radio industry, "defense industry in Turkey has improved a lot, develops increased responsibility. Turkey ranks in the top 5 in the world in this channel. "

C. Utku Aral, General Manager of Samsun Yurt Savunma Sanayi ve Ticaret, who was a guest at Endüstri Radio, answered the questions of Çetin Ünsalan regarding R&D studies in the field of defense. At the beginning of the 2000s the Aral Turkey said that at the time of order to meet the specific needs and export stopped because it made in the defense industry experienced a serious crisis in this period, he said.


Stating that investments in the defense industry started in 2008, Aral said, “Today, we see our independence in our operations. We have seen the difference created by the equipment we use, both in our own operations and in movements such as Azerbaijan and Libya that we support. Here Turkey made important decisions. For example, the first project we started in the aircraft project was the unmanned aerial vehicle. Sometimes the train is a little off zamIt is necessary to invest in a new and strategic area at the moment. Turkey is among the top 5 in the world in this channel, because both the export channel and the domestic sector work very well.” said.

Aral said Turkey's demonstrated that almost 90 percent of the exports made by the United States in this field and in exports to the United States in the world today they are # 4, the defense industry is very developed, and development was emphasized that the they map as well as responsibilities.


Expressing that border security has become a problem in the world and the need for defense industry has increased, Aral said, “The shape of the war has changed. In the past, while fighting in the mountains and terrains, today a different path is followed with the development of technology. Since the risks of civilian casualties are high in operations, intelligence and detection technology must be made. This is a very important development. Technology and investment are required to do this. " said.

Aral said that one of the biggest challenges of the defense industry is that the projects take a long time and underlined that there should be a solid will to complete the projects.


Saying that the defense industry is an ecosystem where many different disciplines come together, Aral said, “The automotive industry and the defense industry have common aspects in areas such as CNC machines, fastening systems and manufacturing technology. The difference changes when it comes to the number of production. Currently, 1 gun is produced in 1 minute in our own factory, so we produce 400 thousand guns per year. That's why, after the design is finished, the raw material is important, and there our material engineers step in. Then, heat treatment processes come into play. In manufacturing, we produce them very quickly, but it is not possible to take and control these parts one by one. Therefore, what makes us a weapon factory is what we call a gauge, that is, it is necessary to design the equipment that will measure each point of the parts. That's why there is a need for gauges that will measure quickly and you cannot find them in the market and they need to be designed with your own R & D studies. After manufacturing and controlling, coating processes come into play. Chemical engineering begins here, too. Logistics support becomes important even after the assembly and the product is tested. " said.

Stating that they started distance education during the pandemic period, Aral stated that they gave information on how to maintain the products and also stated that there are many different disciplines in the defense industry, and emphasized that the import item in gun manufacturing is below 20 percent.

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