Low Cybersecurity Medical Devices Cause Sensitive Health Data Disclosure

IoMT devices, which have become widespread in the healthcare industry from cameras to medical equipment, provide many convenience for institutions and the same zamIt also contains security vulnerabilities. stating that attacks on medical devices are particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, the assessment found ıomt about the safety of the device.

Defibrillators, insulin pumps, pacemakers and other health devices are now transforming the healthcare industry by transforming them into IoMT devices with remote monitoring and NFC technologies. But while these smart medical devices connect to a number of sensors and monitoring units, they also leave sensitive electronic health records stolen or vulnerable to devastating ransomware attacks that could take critical systems hostage. In particular, last year's cyber attacks, Covidien-19 in the development of vaccines and involved in the distribution of hospitals, medical facilities and companies pointed out that the target WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, which increases with the number of patients made against ıomt device cyberspace as would increase in attacks and IT units It emphasizes that it should take necessary precautions.

Environment and Endpoint Protection in Health Institutions Should Be Expanded

The healthcare industry is becoming an important resource for cybercriminals day by day. Knowing that organizations are more likely to pay themselves to restore services to their patients and reactivate critical systems, hackers target vulnerable medical devices. Stating that expanding the environment and endpoint protection by adding Wi-Fi security and multi-factor authentication will help defend against many attacks, Yusuf Evmez warns that organizations that want to avoid penalties and damages from cyber attacks should regularly update their IoMT devices and use powerful software.

"Must Continue to Develop Safely"

“The health sector should continue to evolve in line with technological progress. However, even as the use of IoMT devices in healthcare institutions increases, the need for secure connections between doctors and distant patients may be overlooked. Yusuf Evmez said, "With layered security measures such as secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication and advanced endpoint protection, high-tech medicine will be able to look forward without losing its security view." found in the description.

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