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Cheapest Zero Cars

Zero car prices are very high in our country. Although these high prices force people to buy second-hand cars, some people have no zammoment does not give up buying a new car. zero car [...]


What Is Stilex Gel Cream Used For?

Stilex gel cream, a cream that can only be used with a doctor's advice, is used in painful stigma and in redness and wounds caused by fly and insect bites. Stilex gel cream, which can be used for a number of reasons, is usually [...]

warning drivers from intercity driving academy for snowy and cold weather

Avoiding Car Accidents in Snowy Weather

Heavy snowfall and extremely cold weather expected to be effective in Turkey require drivers to be much more careful. Intercity Driving Academy offers drivers its best support despite these weather conditions where road conditions are extremely difficult. [...]


Try to Understand Children's Feelings

The semester break ends on Monday, February 15. While some children are excitedly waiting for schools to open, some may experience anxiety. The semester break ends on Monday, February 15. Some schools will open [...]


Effective Solution for Eyeglass Wearers

In addition to the high-tech glasses it has developed, Seiko Optik brings the best visual performance to its users with products that will maximize user comfort. The solution to the condensation problem of the glasses wearer. [...]


8 Rules That Permanent Pacemakers Should Follow

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baran explained that there are 8 rules that must be followed by those with permanent pacemakers. Permanent pacemaker (pacemaker) is an electronic device that creates and regulates the rhythm of the heart and can shock the heart when necessary. [...]