What is an Air Hospital Bed?

Patient beds are one of the preferred types, especially for the use of bed-bound patients. Therefore, how should the comfort of the bed-bound patient be ensured; Thanks to this bed, it is now very easy. [...]

The most played MMORPG games in the new year have been announced

New Year's Most Played MMORPG Games Announced

The digital game store Oyunfor, the authorized dealer of 85 international game companies in Turkey, has announced the 2021 most played MMORPG games on the PC platform in the first months of 10. Along with the announced list, the first of the list [...]


Attention to Skin Tumors!

Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ercan Demirbağ gave information about the subject. The largest organ of our body is the skin. Leather has a very complex structure. This complex is very diverse. [...]


6 Myths About Colon Cancer

The reluctance to go to the hospital for fear of contracting the coronavirus, which has deeply affected our country for about a year, prevents the chance of early diagnosis in colon cancer. It is the most common cause of death in both men and women in our country. [...]