If You Are Sleepy After Eating Attention!

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave important information on the subject. Weight gain occurs in many people who are at home due to prohibitions, especially during the pandemic period. In the corona period, insulin resistance is also important against the danger of obesity. If you have a weight problem, fall asleep in the middle of a meal or have an excessive sleepiness right after, you need to be careful.

"The energy requirement of the digestive system is directly proportional to the amount of food we eat," said Dr. Fevzi Özgönül said, “If we have eaten a large amount of food, the digestive system needs more energy, so the person may get sleepy because he has to turn off his active systems in order to meet this extra energy need. Generally, people who overeat. However, besides the amount of the food, its content is also important in terms of bringing sleep. If there are foods with high carbohydrate content in the foods we eat, zamAt that moment, we may feel sleepy due to excessive insulin secretion. Excessive release of the insulin hormone can also trigger the serotonin hormone (serotonin is the hormone responsible for sleep), which can lead to sleep after meals.

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül said, “If you haven't missed too much food, that is, if you have filled your stomach with more food than normal and did not force the digestive system, and there is no food that contains too many carbohydrates (foods such as sweets, pastry foods, rice that can turn into sugar quickly, excessive fruit consumption). zamYou may have started an ailment that you need to pay attention to. We call this insulin resistance. " said.

People with insulin resistance may also experience a postprandial drowsiness. In fact, these people may feel weakness and sleep as soon as they start eating. They may say that I was very sleepy after the first few bites of a meal, especially after being hungry for a long time, or I was very tired. If you encounter this kind of situation, you should be very careful because this is a sign that you may develop diabetes in the future.

In fact, in such a case, it is useful to contact an endocrinologist immediately. But it is very easy to understand whether you have insulin resistance with a test you can have at your family doctor, ”he said.


Dr. Fevzi Özgönül continued his statement as follows; “You can learn this very easily with a test you can have on an empty stomach in the morning. Have your blood sugar look on an empty stomach and get the result A. Measure the blood insulin level on an empty stomach and get B. When you divide the product of these two results by 405, the result is your HOMA-IR result, that is, your insulin resistance result. AXB = C / 405 = HOMA-IR. HOMA-IR is below 2,5 in normal people. If your result is above 2,5, it means that you have started insulin resistance. If precautions are not taken, you will not be able to get rid of your weight, you will gain more weight and you will suffer from diabetes and atherosclerotic heart disease called arteriosclerosis in the future.

If your values ​​are not too much above 2,5 and you do not have an excess weight, you can correct this situation if you remove the refined sugar and refined flour from the foods you eat and adjust your meals according to the biological clock. Because if you also consult a doctor, he will suggest repeating the test by making these changes without recommending medication.

If the HOMA-IR figure is well above the level of 2.5, even at levels 8-9 and above, I recommend you to make an appointment with an Endocrine or Internal Medicine specialist without wasting any time.

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