sold more than a million vehicles in scoda
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ŠKODA Sold Over 2020 Million Vehicles in 1

By closing the year 2020 with 1 million 4 thousand 800 vehicle sales, ŠKODA managed to exceed the 1 million threshold for seven years in a row. In 19, when the COVID-2020 pandemic was effective and reflected in sales, production [...]


US Drug Policy Arrangements critical importance for Turkey

The policies and effects that Joe Biden will implement with his election as president in the USA are a matter of curiosity. Following the conclusion of the presidential elections in the United States, policies that will affect Turkey in the new period continue to be discussed. Chief among these [...]


Which CPAP-BPAP Mask is Suitable for the Patient?

CPAP-BPAP devices are used in the treatment of diseases such as sleep apnea or COPD. These are respirators and are connected to the patient by means of a mask. Respiratory parameters determined by physicians for treatment are adjusted on the devices. Your diseases [...]


Signs, Signs and Diagnosis of Microscopic Varicocelectomy

Dr. Statement by Faculty Member Çağdaş Gökhun Özmerdiven about kidney reflux. Varicocele is the enlargement of the veins of the testis in the form of varicose veins. These enlarged vessels are purple in color under the skin of the bag (scrotum) containing the testicles in advanced cases. [...]


Protect Your Immunity Against Winter Stress

The onset of rains, coronavirus stress, workload, long periods of time spent in front of computers and screens at home adversely affect people's mood and immune system. Experts say it is important to eat right these days when the sun is less [...]