Special new deals from kia to

New Deals from KIA for 2021

KIA, the brand of Çelik Motor, one of the Anadolu Group companies, continues to support those who want to own a vehicle with special offers for the new year, with an interest advantage of 24 for 0,99 months in January. KIA special for January [...]

hyundai won four awards from good design

Hyundai Good Design Wins Four Awards

Hyundai Motor Company won four awards at the "2020 GOOD DESIGN" awards. The organization, which is considered one of the oldest design awards in the world, celebrates 45 of the brand's most advanced electric concepts. [...]


TAYAS Project 3rd Phase Acceptance Completed

The first phase of the New Mobile System (TAYAS) project carried out under the contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense (MSB) and ASELSAN was completed in August 2017, the second phase in April 2018, and the third and final phase in December 2020. [...]