TAI Started Mass Production Process of AKSUNGUR SİHA

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, "We are also mass-producing our Anka-2, which can carry more loads and stay in the air more."

AKSUNGUR SİHA, which broke a record by staying in the air for 49 hours, started mass production

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) General Manager Prof. Dr. On December 4, 2020, Temel Kotil participated in the "Domestic and National" program prepared and presented by Belma Şahaner on TRT Radio 1 and made important statements regarding the latest situation in the programs carried out by TAI.

Temel Kotil stated that the serial production process of the ANKA-AKSUNGUR SİHA system, developed over the Anka SİHA system, has started in his statements regarding the TAI works within the scope of unmanned aerial vehicles. In the statement of Kotil, “We are also mass-producing our Anka-2, which can carry more loads and can stay in the air more. Anka-2 stayed in the air for 48 hours. Therefore, to be controlled from a remote location, from any point in Turkey's control center can come and go in all directions. They do not take a world tour today, but I hope we will have UAVs touring the world soon. " gave his statements.

AKSUNGUR aims to stay in the air for 55 hours

Unlike ANKA, AKSUNGUR, which has been redesigned many features such as all aircraft systems such as guidance control system, structural, flight mechanics, landing gear, engine and fuel system, caused great excitement by staying in the air for the first time with full ammunition capacity for approximately 28 hours. The unmanned aerial vehicle, which crowned its success with a flight of 49 hours, created its route in the form of the moon and star during this flight at an altitude of 20 thousand feet, drawing our glorious flag in the sky.

The unmanned aerial vehicle, which keeps many pride in the air by staying in the air for 59 hours on its 49th flight, has completed 300 hours of flight hours. The vehicle, whose model was exhibited for the first time at the Paris Airshow and the reality was exhibited at IDEF, awaits a special body in the second phase. TAI aims to carry this more advanced version of AKSUNGUR to the sky soon and stay in the air for 55 hours.

TEBER guidance kit ammunition from AKSUNGUR SİHA launched for the first time

Turkish Defense Industry President İsmail Demir announced to the TSK that a new TEBER Laser Guidance Kit ammunition was fired from AKSUNGUR SİHA. Demir made a statement on his social media account on Twitter, saying, “The TEBER guiding kit ammunition was fired from a UAV for the first time. TEBER, produced by ROKETSAN, was successfully shot from Aksungur. " had included his statements.

It is seen that the TEBER-82 ammunition does not have a warhead in the shooting from AKSUNGUR SİHA. TEBER-82 ammunition has a pocket value of less than 3 meters. In the shooting, it is seen that a parallel hit is made with pocket values.

Integration of the Precision Guidance Kit (HGK) and Winged Guidance Kit (UPS) developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE to the twin-engine AKSUNGUR and single-engine ANKA + UAVs developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has also started. AKSUNGUR UAV has a 750 kg payload capacity. Our domestic UAVs will have a more effective strike capability thanks to the integration of UPS and HGK. With AKSUNGUR's entry into the inventory, the effectiveness of UAVs is expected to increase even more.

AKSUNGUR MALE class UAV System: capable of performing intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions day and night in all weather conditions; It is a Medium Altitude Long-Term Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System that can carry EO / IR, SAR and Signal Intelligence (SINGINT) payloads and various air-to-ground ammunition systems. AKSUNGUR will use two twin-turbocharged diesel PD-40.000 engines that can reach an altitude of 170 feet and allow the most demanding operations to be completed.

Source: defenceturk

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