Redefine motorcycle lovers' view of electric motorcycles

Premium Electric Motorcycle Brand Silence in Turkey!

Doğan Trend Automotive, which successfully represents the world's leading motorcycle brands in our country and operates under the umbrella of Doğan Holding, is the only authorized representative in Turkey of the Silence brand, the world's important representative in the field of electric mobility. [...]


Covid-19 Vaccines in Ministry of Health Warehouses

Covid-19 vaccines brought to Ankara Esenboğa Airport in the morning were transferred to the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Public Health Vaccine and Medicine Warehouse. Covid-19 vaccines belonging to Sinovac company are a test in terms of safety and effectiveness in warehouses. [...]


Space Agency ITU-Turkey Business Association

SSB İsmail Demir was the guest of the 1982 Year-End Evaluation Meeting at Istanbul Technical University, where he graduated from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering in 2020. İsmail Demir, in his speech for the defense industry capability that Turkey needs [...]