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Japanese legend Suzuki turns 100

Being a global brand with its product groups and represented by Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, Suzuki celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Doğan Trend in Turkey, which is a world brand with the product groups it offers. [...]


Desk Employees Attention in Coronavirus!

Because of the coronavirus, many people work from home. Employees who have to eat their meals at home and at the desk should be more careful about nutrition. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül, who warned against the risk of gaining weight, gave information about the issue. [...]


Coronavirus Alert to Hypertensive Patients

Biruni University Hospital Cardiology Specialist Dr. Biruni University Hospital, who stated that due to the deterioration of nutrition, decreased physical activity and discontinuation of drugs as a result of misinformation, these days when we stay at home due to coronavirus Instructor [...]