Result of Çiğli Tram Construction Tender

Result of Çiğli Tramway Construction Tender; Cigli Tramway Construction Tender organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail Systems Department was held. 17 out of 6 prequalified companies submitted bids. The evaluations of the tender commission [...]


3rd ASELSAN Academy Workshop Completed

The 3rd ASELSAN Academy Workshop, hosted online by Gazi University, was completed after three days of sessions. The closing session of the workshop was held on 4 November at the University's Mimar Kemaleddin Hall. The program is in Izmir. [...]


Coronavirus Process Adversely Affected Organ Donations

Speaking specifically to the 3-9 November World Organ Donation Week, Hayata Donation Association President Hüseyin Yıldırımoğlu underlined the negative impact of the coronavirus on the organ donation process. Hüseyin Yıldırımoğlu is in intensive care due to the pandemic. [...]


The Flu Outbreak Will Be Less This Year

The temperature change that occurs in autumn causes some changes in all living things so that they can adapt to the new season. Weaknesses in the immune system during preparation for the seasonal transformation in the human body, as in the leaves of the trees. [...]


One of Every Three Cancers in Children Leukemia

Stating that one of the most common types of cancer encountered in children is Leukemia, one of the experts of, Uzm.Dr. Şükrü Yenice shared important information about leukemia, especially for the 2-8 November Children with Leukemia Week, while sharing important information about early diagnosis and [...]


Difficulty Reading Can Be a Sign of Dyslexia

Dyslexia, which is defined as a kind of "specific learning disorder", causes the child to have reading problems and not be able to understand what they read. If it does not improve in 6 months despite the interventions, beware! Defined as a kind of "specific learning disorder" [...]


Current Metrobus Stops 2020

Metrobus line and stop information was shared by IETT for those who want to learn which station is on which line on the Metrobus lines. Well, which bus station is on which line, here, 34, 34A, 34AS, [...]

Autonomous Vehicles

Cats for Sale

Our site serves you to reach pets. All animals are divided into categories for comfortable use. You can easily reach domestic cats from the category of cat ads for sale. we share with you [...]


Who is İsmail Hakkı Dümbüllü?

İsmail Hakkı Dümbüllü (born 1897 – died 5 November 1973) is the last representative of the Traditional Turkish Theatre, a Orta play and Tulûat artist. He is one of the most famous comedy artists of his time. Kel Hassan [...]


Who is Bülent Ecevit?

Mustafa Bülent Ecevit (28 May 1925, Istanbul – 5 November 2006, Ankara); Turkish politician, journalist, poet, writer, Minister of Labor and Social Security, Minister of State, Deputy Prime Minister. Between 1974 and 2002, four [...]