Why Do Children Need to Lie?

Many reasons lie behind children's lying, from developmental behavior to learned behavior. But most zamThey don't lie as deliberately as adults think. Lying is one of the biggest crimes in human relations. [...]

TRNC comes indigenous car gunseli turkiyeye

Domestic Car Günseli TRNC, Turkey Coming

The domestic car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus “GÜNSEL” will meet its enthusiasts at the “MUSIAD Expo 18” fair, which will be held by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) at TÜYAP Istanbul Fair and Congress Center on November 21-2020, 2020. [...]

Extreme e promotional meeting was held online

Extreme E Introductory Meeting Held Online

With the sponsorship of Continental, the promotional meeting of Extreme E, which aims to draw the attention of the whole world to climate change, was held online. There was great interest in the event, which was followed live on social media platforms. spring of 2021 [...]

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Street Smoking Banned in 19 Provinces Under Covid-81 Measures

Within the Scope of Covid-19 Measures, Smoking on the Streets Is Banned in 81 Provinces; The Ministry of Interior has sent an additional circular on Coronavirus Precautions to 81 Provincial Governorships. In the circular, it is stated that the coranavirus epidemic caused by public health and public order. [...]