Is HES Code Required in Public Transport? Is HES Code Mandatory for Metro, Metrobus, Buses?

Is HES code necessary in public transportation? Is HES code mandatory for metro, metrobus, buses? A statement came that closely concerns citizens using public transport. The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent two separate circulars to 81 provincial governorships on "HES code inquiry in urban public transportation" and "HES code requirement in accommodation facilities".

In the circulars sent to the governorships, it was emphasized that the isolation of people diagnosed with the disease or in contact with the coronavirus epidemic is one of the important issues that should be emphasized.

Accordingly, it was reminded that the Ministry of Health developed Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application in order to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure that people diagnosed with the disease and those in contact with them are identified and isolated.

It was stated that when traveling with any kind of public transportation vehicle for intercity passenger transportation (plane, train, bus, etc.), HES code query was made during both ticketing and getting into the vehicle, and those who do not have any risk (diagnosed or not in contact) can travel. Similarly, it was pointed out that it is important to follow the people according to the HES code in passenger transportation by public transportation vehicles in the city, and the measures taken in the circular were secreted as follows:

  • Electronic / smart travel card systems that are customized for use in all kinds of urban public transportation vehicles (bus, metro, metrobus, etc.) carried out by other relevant institutions / organizations, especially municipalities, and the Ministry of Health Hayat Eve Sığar (HEPP) Necessary integrations will be provided between the application.
  • Necessary work will be initiated as soon as possible to personalize the electronic / smart travel card systems currently in use by metropolitan municipalities, local government units and other relevant institutions and organizations, which have not yet personalized the transportation cards used for urban public transportation activities.
  • Personalized travel cards, if any, belonging to citizens who have been diagnosed with Covid19 disease or who are in contact, will be automatically suspended during the isolation period.
  • Although he was informed that he should be in isolation due to being diagnosed with or having contact with Covid19, the information of the people who are detected to use public transportation vehicles will be shared with the relevant Governorate / District Governorship via the Ministry of Interior (electronically via the e-Internal Affairs system) in order to apply the necessary administrative sanctions and, if necessary, to file a criminal complaint.

 HEPP Required for Admission to All Accommodation Facilities

81 Provincial Governorships were also sent a circular on HEPP Required for Admission to All Accommodation Facilities. In the circular, the measures taken for accommodation facilities as of today in terms of HEPP code control application are listed:

According to this;

  • The application code of Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) will be requested from the customers in all accommodation facilities (hotel, motel, hostel, guesthouse, camp, etc.) without any distinction (private-public, tourism operation licensed / non-licensed administration, etc.) and the necessary inquiry is made. then the customer will be accepted to the accommodation facility.
  • The HES code query will be made during the acceptance of the customers to the accommodation facility, and the admission procedures of the people who do not have any risk (diagnosed or not contact) will be carried out.
  • According to the provisions of Article 1774 and additional 2 of the Identity Reporting Law No. 1, the customer information reported to the general law enforcement officers by the accommodation facilities will also be questioned according to the Covid-19 diagnosis or contact status within the framework of the data integration provided by the relevant general law enforcement unit with the Ministry of Health. .
  • The circulars previously sent by our Ministry regarding both the admission to the accommodation facility, the interrogation made by the general law enforcement officers and the persons who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or who have been in contact during the stay, and the relevant provisions of the article titled Precautions to be Taken in the Accommodation Facilities of the Ministry of Health Outbreak Management and Study Guide Accordingly, the necessary work and procedures will be carried out.

In this context, regarding people diagnosed with Covid-19 or found to be in contact;

  • Customers diagnosed with Covid-19 or understood to be in contact will be placed in guest isolation rooms created in accordance with the Safe Tourism Certificate application within the scope of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and our Ministry's circulars.
  • In cases where the guest isolation rooms are insufficient in number, necessary measures will be taken by the Governor / District Governors, taking into account the provisions of the relevant ministry circulars and the Outbreak Management and Work Guide.

As a result of the audits carried out for the provisions of this Circular, the accommodation facilities that allow the customers who should not be accepted according to the HES code query or the result of the query will be banned from the activity for 10 days by the relevant Governorate / District Governorship in accordance with the decision of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Board.

Necessary decisions will be taken urgently by the Governor / District Governors, and no problems will occur in practice.

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