The First Domestic Electric Bicycle Battery from Vestel


Vestel of Turkey's leading technology manufacturers have started production of its first domestic electric bicycle battery. The batteries, whose hardware, software, mechanical designs and production and test infrastructure are completely produced by Vestel engineers, provide advantages with their reliability, long-lasting use and online service.

Electric bicycles continue to be the choice of consumers, where the demand has increased with the traffic problem and the increase in the awareness of healthy life in metropolitan areas. Serious market size in Europe reached at the electric bike, interest is increasing with each passing day in Turkey. However, the high cost, short life of the batteries and security risks pose an obstacle for users. Turkey has designed and manufactured by Vestel's leading technology companies and for the first time last year's IFA in the quality of the showcased issued indigenous design and production of batteries bicycle manufacturer, cost, and will provide significant advantages in delivery time and after-sales service. Having received its first order from Salcano, Vestel aims to produce batteries for all local bicycle manufacturers and the world.

Underlining that they continue to invest in the technologies of the future, Vestel CEO Turan Erdogan said, “As a technology company, we always focus on designing the best and the latest, under the umbrella of Smart Homes, Smart Cities and Internet of Things concept, both communicating with each other and controlling via mobile devices. We develop technologies that add value to the consumer experience by introducing smart products to the market. It will be Vestel's signature in the Smart Cities of our country. We started the production of our bicycle batteries with Vestel design and equipment, which we presented last year. We broke new ground in the industry by offering our bicycle batteries to the use of bicycle manufacturers and e-bike system manufacturers ”.

Fast charging and high security

Batteries adapted to electric bicycles based on automotive have succeeded in obtaining EN50604-1 safety certificates and are appreciated by customers for their features and design. These batteries produced by Vestel use NCA cells with high energy density. The system that allows online service service with battery-mobile phone connection via Bluetooth, zamAllows the user to monitor the battery's status with the app. The batteries designed by Vestel engineers successfully pass the shock, impact and crush tests required by EN66-50604 approval with their waterproof design at IP1 level, and they surpass other products.

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