PUHU Listening and Shorthanding System Provides Turkish Armed Forces with Superiority in Electronic Warfare

Providing Turkish Armed Forces with superiority in electronic warfare OWL The first deliveries of portable listening and shortcut systems will be made this year.

PUHU Portable Listening and Shortcut System is an ideal solution for supporting tactical field troops with its high performance. PUHU offers compact structure, user-friendly interface and easy portability.

PUHU achieves high direction accuracies with its specially developed estimation algorithms and signal processing capabilities and exceedingly meets the performance expected from similar sized systems. With its broadband spectrum scanning feature, PUHU successfully performs the detection, listening and localization of the communication signals in the V / UHF frequency band, including the "Modern Waveforms" of the opposing units. PUHU can also work integrated with other Electronic Warfare and Command Control systems.

Stating that PUHU can also detect drones with local and national equipment, with his social media account, Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made statements about the system:

"OWL By using portable listening and shortcut systems effectively in recent operations, the Turkish Armed Forces provided significant advantage in electronic warfare. In this process, R&D studies continued and technological advances were made in order to gain additional capabilities to PUHU.

OWLwill now gain drone detection capability with local-national software and hardware. An integrated mobile version of the system, which will also gain remote command and operation features, will be produced on the vehicle. We aim to make the first deliveries of the new PUHU within this year. "

Source: defenceturk

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