Wrong Posture Can Shorten Our Length

Even if you have an active lifestyle, we do many activities in our daily life, such as eating, working, and chatting, sitting wrongly. When this situation is added to the fundamental change in the way we work together with the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic we are experiencing, many health problems arise. Drawing attention to the fact that one of the problems that arise is posture disorders known as posture disorder in medical language, Romatem Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Esin Selimoğlu said, “We are not aware that we are standing wrong. Since we are constantly leaning forward, we are hunched over, which causes even our height to shorten. However, the correct posture prevents waist, neck and back problems while making people more comfortable physically and mentally, ”he said.

Shipping is zamPosture disorder, which has become a problem of moments, causes our spine to warp and to stand hunched over. While this situation, which is the worst enemy of the spine, is among the biggest causes of back, waist and neck pain, it is also an invitation to many health problems. So much so that a study conducted in the Journal of American Geriatric Society in 2004 revealed an important relationship between poor posture and premature death. A good posture is defined as the balanced and harmonious alignment of the body muscles in the musculoskeletal system.

The spine has 3 natural curves

Pointing out that the key to good posture is the position of your spine, Romatem Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Esin Selimoğlu said, “Your spine has three natural curves. On your neck, in the middle of your back, and on your lower back. Normal curvature is 25-40 degrees. Correct posture should preserve these curves, but not increase them. We also have two postures. Dynamic posture is how you position yourself while moving, such as when walking, running, or bending over to pick up something. Static posture is how you hold it when you are not moving like sitting, standing, or sleeping. Poor posture forces you to overwork the muscles in your neck and back. Your immune system's efforts to heal these muscles, zamIt causes inflammation in nearby joints. " said.

Poor Posture Signs Health Problems

Selimoğlu continued his words as follows: “Poor posture can have negative consequences for your health. To give an example; It wears your spine by making it more fragile and susceptible to injury, causes neck, shoulder and back pain, decreases your flexibility, increases the risk of falling, makes it difficult to digest and even impair your breathing quality. In order not to experience these situations, attention should be paid to the following situations; Wear comfortable low-heeled shoes, adjust the height of your work area well, maintain your weight, add movement to your life as much as possible, change your position frequently while sitting, make sure your feet touch the ground, do not work by bending your hands too much, do not bend your hands while using the phone, use it at eye level, pay attention to your sleeping position, Take short walks, taking a break between your studies. When we sit, stand, walk or move - our body follows previously learned motor patterns. If your body has learned to hunch, this is what it will do. Therefore, it is useful to take precautions by seeing a specialist before this problem affects our quality of life and causes more serious problems. "


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