Domestic Production and Export Grows in Turkey

The world and Turkey Ariel of the largest cleaning and personal care products company, Fairy, Head & Shoulders, brands like Prima manufacturer Procter & Gamble (P & G), domestic production has invested 10 million dollars in the last 238 years in Turkey.

P & G Turkey, Chairman of the Board of Directors Tankuter TURNAOĞLU the Caucasus and Central Asia, "the same as a global company zamCurrently, a native of performers which contribute to the production and export in Turkey. to create value by producing in Turkey and will continue to export, "he said.

Exports from Turkey in 2020 to 7 percent in the first 20 month of increase P & G Turkey; It broke its own monthly export record in the 33-year history of the country with March - April period figures.

Turkey in the 33 largest cleaning and personal care products in the world involved with every 10 homes in 9 of the product of years the company Procter & Gamble (P & G), which performs at the Gebze production facilities "Domestic Production Investment Meeting" and shared with the public the contribution to the national economy. At the meeting attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, the same zamCurrently lines with an investment of about $ 11 million and added that Turkey's most preferred liquid dishwashing detergent that allows all the locally produced Fairy'n P & G has also established links with Şekerpınar live plants.

P & G Turkey Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Tankuter TURNAOĞLU the Caucasus and Central Asia, Turkey is for P & G, he recalled one of Europe's most important growth centers. Turnaoğlu said, "We are pleased to show our dear Minister personally the support we give to domestic production at the Gebze Development Center, which we opened to serve our consumers better and is' Europe's newest R&D Center". We will continue to contribute to the production and export of Turkey stressed.

TURNAOĞLU "Turkey is a strategic country in which P & G made a significant investment; In 2017, our 30th year in Turkey, we found the woman in baby care and care products in order to provide better services to consumers in Turkey Gebze factory to $ 80 million in investments. With our new investment of $ 11 million in the Fairy production line in Şekerpınar, we have ensured that this product is completely produced in our country and exported from our country as of 2020. Our investments in domestic production in the last 10 years have totaled 238 million dollars ”.

bushed contribute to Turkey's exports

Tankuter TURNAOĞLU of the exporting country with production realized in Turkey also stated that they offer significant help. Turnaoğlu explained that they increased their exports by 2020 percent in the first 7 months of 20; “We have been receiving awards in the paper category for 9 years and in the detergent category for 5 years in a row at the export awards given by TİM. However, the export rates we achieved in March - April 2020; Turkey has a record 33-year history, "he said.

P&G opens its supplier to the world

Production and exports to provide the contribution as well as by approximately 450 suppliers from 175 million dollars of products and services procurements in Turkey extras which contribute to P & G Turkey, opened the way for the exporting abroad of many suppliers. Turnaoğlu; “The number of our Turkish suppliers exceeds our foreign suppliers. 89 different companies from Turkey provides supply management centers at a global level and other P & G is doing to export products and services. 89 of these 42 companies are completely domestic producers. These companies; They exported $ 2019 million worth of products and services to P & G's other production and operations centers in the region in 167 alone. We are very proud of it ”. - Hibya

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