Türkiye ranks second in Europe in the number of electric vehicle charging stations


The Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations is Rapidly Increasing in Turkey

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly in Turkey and in the world. With the local automobile startup Togg starting to install charging stations under the Trugo brand and private companies making serious investments in this sector, there has been a significant increase in the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Turkey.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) 2023 first half data, the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Turkey reached 3 thousand 790 and the number of charging points reached 8 thousand 1. According to these data, Turkey ranked 2nd in Europe in terms of having charging stations, behind Germany.

The number of electric vehicles, which was 14 thousand 552 at the end of last year, increased by 6 percent in the first 88,8 months of the year and reached 27 thousand 476.

Volkan Demir, General Coordinator of Elaris, which provides electric vehicle charging services, emphasized the data of TUIK and stated that the charging infrastructure is rapidly spreading in Turkey. Demir announced the number of active stations and 2024 targets of Elaris.

Demir said, “We increased the number of installed stations by 2023 percent in the second quarter of 72. With our Eaton brand chargers of US origin; We operate in 4 regions and with our charging stations in 10 different locations in 24 cities. In addition to our existing network, we plan to complete our work for the installation of 50 AC and 5 DC stations by the end of the year. We aim to establish a total of 2024 more AC stations, 10 of which are DC, by the end of 100.” said.