Turkish Couture Brand Sagaza Grows Double


Founded in Spain in 2010, the Turkish-born Couture brand sagaz the active work carried out this year celebrates the tenth year of the fashion industry in Turkey has announced. Co-founder of the brand and the same zamBaki Süslüer, CEO at the moment, explained the market volume Sagaza has gained in ten years and its brand-investment strategies for the next period.

Sagaza started out in 2010 to produce evening dresses and wedding dresses in the couture area, exactly nine years after, it started to produce collections that also show their presence in the field of fast clothing.

The brand, which winked on fast clothing with the cooperation it realized in 2019, launched a special collection with İlknur Şeref, the Style director, who announced her name as the creator of many actors and actresses during the pandemic period, in July 2020. The collection, which they call Garden Violet and is based on the styles of the world's phenomenon names, met with the target audience in mid-July, but doubled its sales target for three months in thirty days.

Stating that they are pleased with the intense interest in the collection offered for sale only on the e-commerce website and trendyol, Baki Süslüer announced that Sagaza's future strategy will include the fast-wear-slow fashion philosophy. In the statement of Süslüer; "The biggest as Sagaza zamwe dedicate our moment to R&D. Making the right investment in good fabric is as important to us as combining this fabric with the right craftsmanship. " said.

Sagaza Ready-to-Wear Will Grow 100%, 40% of its Turnover Will Be Fast Fashion

Süslüler said in a statement; “We cannot respond to the changing consumer needs of the world with classical production strategies. Brands are created by their users. Our users have a wide age range, who have a command of the trends all over the world, who are sensitive to the world and their environment and seek innovation. The demand of this target audience, which we define as Sagaza woman, is in the direction of minimalism. In addition, Athleisure and Streetwear couture brands, which have influenced the world, have started to change their DNA. Sagaza Bridal and its own creative director Zelia Kaçar in the field of Couture are moving according to the annual trends. However, Sagaza Woman, who is a customer of this place, wants to use quality fabric, good workmanship and reasonable price in her daily life. With this financial understanding that we call smart consumption, we have also taken the issue of fast clothing on our radar. We expanded our investments in this area. Even though we will enter 2021 under the shadow of the pandemic; We will increase our investments in this field both in R&D and production. We aimed to create organic agricultural products and sustainable fabrics in both production and cotton use. That's why we call slow fashion, fast clothing. As Sagaza, we have a claim to earn 2021% of our turnover in 40 from fast clothing. " said. - Hibya

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