Favorite Department of Recent Years Aviation Management

In the statement made by IRU on the subject, it was underlined that aviation management has been one of the favorite departments of the last 10 years and that they have trained the managers of the future who meet the qualified personnel needs of the Civil Aviation sector with the Aviation Management program. In the statement emphasizing the importance of Aviation Management in shaping the future and careers of student candidates, it was underlined that IRU offers important career opportunities to all student candidates with its education focused on being integrated with the sector.

Serap DAŞ, General Manager of Istanbul Rumeli University Flight School, said the following on the subject; '' Our students studying at the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences Aviation Management Program have the privilege of taking lessons from academics with experience in different fields of the aviation industry and have the opportunity to step into the aviation community. Within the scope of their training programs, our students come together with senior executives from all areas of the industry, captain pilots and our academicians who have a command of the workforce that the industry needs, and decide which path they want to move forward in the aviation industry. With our educational model and the opportunities we offer to our students, we have started to train future pilots with our RumeliSEM Flight School, after our Civil Air Transport Management, Civil Aviation Cabin Services, Aircraft Technology Programs. With our Aviation Management Undergraduate Program, which was opened this year, we want to see the signature of Rumelia youth in every point of the Civil Aviation Sector. '' 

Giving detailed information about the content of the program, Daş said, “We aim to prepare our students for the sector in a professional sense, as well as to have an intellectual background. Each of our academicians within the body of Aviation Management have worked in different departments of the sector for years and have been managers, and we teach our students the theoretical knowledge in the best way and gain the essential qualities of a good aviation personnel. In addition to the intensive English programs in the curriculum of Aviation Management students, "Career English" courses and English preparatory class, which they can continue if they wish, are both in the industry with courses from safety to security in aviation, finance to accounting, airport management, human factors, ground services, supply chain management in the airline. We give graduates who are in demand and who have a good command of the business field ”. - Hibya

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