Istanbul Chamber of Dentists: Dentists Face the Burnout Syndrome


With 9 thousand 200 members in its constitution, Turkey's largest dentist room with Istanbul Chamber of Dentists (IDO) Board of Directors, the front line in the fight against the pandemic gave voice to put colleagues. The Board of Directors of IDO, which issued a statement offering the problems of dentists working in the radiation teams and solutions to these problems, declared that it is a wrong practice to have dentists do the filection outside the job description in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Noting that deaths are increasing among healthcare professionals during the pandemic process and that they are watching the situation with concern, Tarık İşmen, Deputy Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists said, “Applause; not enough to erase our sense of anxiety, insecurity and burnoutIt should not be forgotten that; Health workers, physicians and dentists, who do not compromise from working devotedly despite all conditions, are the insurance of public health. Even if their energies and motivations are exhausted, their hopes do not run out. They should not be left alone in this sacrifice and their voices should be heard. We call on our people to support our healthcare professionals, together with all institutions and organizations, ”he said.

IDO called for the diagnosis of Covid-19 to be accepted as an occupational disease and occupational accident, routine testing of healthcare workers, giving up the performance system and making a salary increase for all healthcare workers, taking into account the economic crisis and pandemic conditions. In the statement, it was stated that healthcare workers, who have been worn out with the performance system for years, are dragged into burnout due to the problems experienced in the pandemic, and many dentists have chosen the way of resignation or retirement, and the solutions to these problems are listed as follows:

Dentists who do not have training and experience in primary health care are taken into fillation service. However, this service should be organized with staff who have education and experience, and dentists should be assigned as experts who provide support when needed, not the main person in their duties outside their professional fields.

Since dentists are taken to the radiation service, the number of patients in ADSMs is increasing day by day and the processes in interventions are prolonged.

Dentists, who are actively involved in the fight against pandemic, are seen as cheap labor, and they are exhausted from the feeling of being worn out and worthless. These problems are accompanied by security, transportation, food, nursery problems, long and frequent shifts, shifts, and lack of quality equipment.

While healthcare professionals take part in Covid -19 screenings and work at the forefront of risk, routine screenings are not applied to them.

Additional payments are not reflected in retirement, while some employees receive very low additional payments, others cannot receive any additional payments.

Covid 19 should be considered as a work accident

After enumerating these problems, the İDO Board of Directors called the Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions and requested:

Covid-19 diagnosis should be considered as occupational disease and work accident.

Healthcare workers should be tested routinely. All healthcare professionals should receive flu vaccine and risk groups should receive pneumococcal vaccine free of charge.

Profession, competence, job description; Healthcare professional organizations and academic institutions should also be included in this process in terms of service efficiency and employee motivation; Employees' opinions should also be asked while making decisions and planning.

In the assignments made due to the pandemic, ethical and legal grounds should not be created.

All units should be informed in the light of up-to-date information through effective in-service training.

Working conditions should be regulated by measures that are suitable for the pandemic in terms of both physical and number of personnel and that will protect public health, healthcare workers should be protected with high quality and sufficient equipment.

Distant and unfair assignments should be abandoned and the conditions and demands of those who work fairly should be considered.

A standard should be determined in postings; Working time, form and scope should not be different from institution to institution and should not be left to the initiative of the managers.

Equal, fair standard and employee motivation and employee health-based working style should be implemented and supervised in all institutions.

By abandoning the performance system, the salaries of all employees should be increased, taking into account the economic crisis and pandemic conditions, and reflecting on their retirement. Until this regulation is made, all healthcare professionals should receive additional payments from the ceiling, and institutions that are not subject to the additional payment system should receive the wages they deserve by eliminating their grievances. - Hibya

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