Vodafone Unlimited WhatsApp Campaign Is Coming!

largest serving in Turkey GSM Vodafone, one of its operators, is preparing to add a new one to its campaigns. Vodafone Thanks to its new campaign, subscribers will enjoy unlimited and free WhatsApp use.

Vodafone Turkey team has published a new information text about the upcoming campaign. If you wish, you can take a look at this published information text below.

Vodafone is coming to a bomb with its unlimited WhatsApp campaign!

Vodafone, continues to make life easier for its customers by using the power of digitalization. Providing 99,6% uninterrupted 4.5G experience to its customers Vodafone, launched a campaign within this scope.

Vodafone, Unlimited valid for 1 month to all postpaid individual customers and 1 week to invoiced personal customers WhatsApp use will gift. Within the package, it will be possible to talk with a view over WhatsApp without decreasing the internet quota. Vodafone, He also prepared an advertising cinema inspired by a real life story for the promotion of the campaign.

Turkey newsoperating with the vision of leading the digitalization of Vodafone, continues to offer its customers the most adequate digital experience. Devotes 99% of its investments to technology investments Vodafone, 2020 Mbps in measurements based on July 1 data 4.5% at 99,6G, taking samples and above as reference was the operator that offered uninterrupted data download face at a rate of

In this context, starting a new campaign Vodafone, to all postpaid individual customers 1 month, non-invoiced individual customers Unlimited WhatsApp valid with 1 week grace period will serve the use. Vodafone, He also prepared an advertising cinema inspired by a real life story for the promotion of the campaign.

Evaluating the new campaign Vodafone Turkey Engin Aksoy, Executive Board Deputy Leader, said:

"The epidemic process once again revealed the value of the infrastructure. With millions of people changing their way of living and working, actually we are in contact with each other and infrastructure We saw how precious it is. In this period, we observed an increase of 10% in portable traffic and 60% in stationary. By preparing our infrastructure for these increases, we made capacity increases for uninterrupted communication. Thanks to this, we managed to increase our 2020G average speed by 4.5% in the last 6 months despite the increasing data traffic compared to July 20 data. Besides, 1 Mbps and above samples by reference At 4.5G We became the operator that offers 99,6% uninterrupted internet experience. In this context, we launched a campaign; Unlimited valid for 1 month to our invoiced personal customers and 1 week to our non-invoiced individual customers. Use of WhatsApp free of charge we offer. The communication, audio and image conversations made on WhatsApp during the campaign period are from the internet will not eat. Vodafone Supernet 4.5G We will continue to provide uninterrupted and high quality service to our customers.

Available through Vodafone Yanim

Vodafone's new campaign August 20 - September 20 will be valid in the middle of the dates. All Personal Customers of Vodafone Vodafone will be able to activate through Yanimim application.

Advertising cinema was also prepared

Vodafone also prepared an advertising cinema for the promotion of the new campaign. In the advertising cinema, which is signed by Team Red and inspired by a real life story, Vodafone offers uninterrupted Internet The story of a user who turns his dreams into reality is told.

In the cinema, “While you follow your dreams Vodafone Supernet 4.5G, With its uninterrupted internet, you are with you at every step.

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