Germany's Wuppertaler Havara was Put into Service in 1902

Exactly 118 years ago, in 1902 in Wuppertal, Germany "Flying Train" was about to open. As you can imagine, this train that doesn't really fly, top hanging It was working with a rail system. The Wuppertal Schwebebah (Wuppertaler Havarayi), whose construction started in 1898, entered service on May 3, 24 after about 1901 years. Considering that its construction started more than 120 years ago, this system is a engineering extraordinary We can say that. 

The Museum of Contemporary Background (MoMA) recently shared the black and white Wuppertaler Schwebebah images in their archives. Denis Shiryaev with brand new black and white images shared by MoMA by coloring stabilized and shared again.

Colored Wuppertaler Havara from 1902

Colored Flying Train image, approximately 4 minutes long, Early 20th century Describes top-rail train travel in a German town. A great deal of detail and detail is shown in the image recorded in 1902. At this point, compared to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the image is an American cinema company to capture many details. biography It was filmed in a proprietary 68mm cinema.

After MoMA shared the archive images from Neural Love Denis shiryaevmade some adjustments to the original record. The image by coloring Raising it to 4K, Shiryaev also slowed down the sights and made his square face to better represent real time. To 60 FPS Upgraded.

II. Wuppertal Schwebebah, which was closed after being damaged during World War II, is still today activity is showing. Flying trains, which run along a route of approximately 13,3 kilometers, host approximately 30 million passengers per year.


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