Turkey Power to the Navy Floor Project Ends

"It's all pride, the pride Turkey"

The countdown has begun for the Delivery Ceremony of the Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats, which have the highest domestic and nationality rate in their class at Desan Shipyard, and will strengthen our navy. The delivery ceremony, which will be held with the participation of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, will take place on Sunday, August 23 at Tuzla Desan Shipyard.

A First In Its Class With 71 Percent Locality Rate

 Turkish Armed Forces, accelerating nationalization efforts in the defense industry, Kaptanoğlu Cluster Desan on Shipyard continues to strengthen its power with 2 Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats, which have the highest local and mileage rate in their class.

First of the Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats, the first of which was made in October 2018, the first one was 1 month 13 days, the second was 4 months and 13 days before, on Sunday, August 23, with an official ceremony to be attended by our President, Mr. can be delivered. All software and programs, which are first in their class with a 71 percent localization rate, were developed by Turkish engineers. In the project carried out under the leadership of Desan, one of the biggest shipyards in Tuzla, the propeller of the shaft 4 PB conforming to military standards, 100 percent locally produced. Also, such a shaft and propeller was certified for the first time by Türk Loydu.

"We all have this pride, this pride of Turkey"

Drawing attention to the importance of the project for the Turkish defense industry, Desan Shipyard Administrative Committee Leader Cenk Kaptanoğlu shared the following information regarding the details: “As Desan, we have been providing shipyard and skirt transportation services for 116 years. We took part in a valuable project both at home and abroad. But this project has very different meanings from others. With this special project that will strengthen the strength of our country and defense industry, we have shown the power of our domestic and national industry to the whole world. With our Turkish engineers and local companies, we have signed a project that will be proud of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As a Family of Desan, we have always made it domestic, which is a party of the national industry, which allowed us to take part in the project with the HIGHEST localization rate in its field. I know debt, I present my gratitude. With this project, which is a valuable work in the name of Turkish maritime, we have shown one more expedition that we can achieve. This proud of us, this proud Turkey. ”Made statements.

Pressure Chambers Designed by Turkish Engineers and Domestic Companies

The Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats were designed by Turkish engineers and local companies in 4 plus 2 cases, both modern and closed. Project; In the midst of Turkish military maritime projects, all ships were completed at the same time and delivered as the first project was recorded. The project's shaft and propeller system, rudder system, diesel generators, acoustic monitoring and capture system, ship information distribution system, inhalation air compressors, constant pressure chamber, diving panels, main distribution table, boat control and monitoring system as well as fire detection system Direct was produced with 100 percent local means.

 For Which Tasks Will Bots Be Used?

 One of Turkey's most fundamental Des shipyard Shipyard Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats produced in Turkey will support rescue diving and emergency response operations in possible accidents. It will take a mission in determining the locations of the ships wounded, stranded and sunk in the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara Seas.

Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats will also be used in the applied shallow and deep water diving training of the diver worker.

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