Toyota Corolla and RAV4 Among Top Sellers


Toyota managed to take place in the top 2020 in the global car market with two models in the first 6 months of 3, when the pandemic era was also experienced. Since 1966, when it met the roads "The world's most preferred automobile" Holding the title, Toyota Corolla maintained its leadership in the world total car market by beating its closest competitor by 2020 units in the first 6 months of 167.

Turkey also exported to many countries in the world are produced with hybrid versions of the Toyota Corolla, sales in the first half of 2020 reached 600 thousand 693 units. In addition, Toyota RAV4, which gave its name to the SUV segment, took its place in the top 429 in global sales with its sales of 758 thousand 3 units in the global market in the same period. With this sales volume, RAV4 is in the SUV segment, as in previous years. "Most purchased" strengthened its leadership in its class by leaving behind its rivals as a model.

While Toyota maintains its leadership in the world ranking with the Corolla, the successful representative of the luxury segment, Camry, attracted attention by taking place in the top 10 in global car sales. Thus, the legendary Corolla, the leader of the SUV segment, RAV6, and Toyota's representative in the luxury segment, Camry, are among the top 10 in the first 4-month global car sales ranking, including 3 models.

Corolla, the legendary model produced in Sakarya with Toyota's hybrid version, stands out as the car that sets the standards in the C segment with its 12th generation. The day it was out of the band by Total sales exceeding this day 47 million to break the power of a record in holding the Corolla, with a hybrid model in Turkey Vision, Dream, Flame and 4 different versions including the Passion and 9 will be sold with different colors. The Corolla, which has a 132 HP 1.6-liter fuel engine, uses a 122-liter 1.8th generation hybrid system that produces 4 HP with low emissions.

Icon of the SUV segment RAV4

With its characteristic design, top level performance, capacity and high security features, the 5th generation RAV4 has taken its place in the market as the world's first hybrid SUV model. While the RAV4 has been appreciated by users for 1994 generations since 5, it also stands out as the best-selling SUV model in the world. The self-charging RAV4 Hybrid opens a new page in the SUV segment with its high performance and low fuel consumption with its 222-liter hybrid engine with 2.5 HP power. - News7

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