Araine Takes 5 Rocket 2 Satellites Into Orbit


More and more mobile in the last period civil space aviation One of the new actors in his episode is Araine. The company, which is less known than its competitors, SpaceX and Boeing, realized the first launch process after the pandemic.

With the space mission carried out after a highly adventurous process araine, all American made 2 satellites and 1 space boat set out to take it into orbit. The mission has been successfully completed.

Araine reached 5 orbits

Araine 5 their rockets took off with a force of 1315 tons from twin rocket propellants in the hydrogen-fed core phase. Approximately one hour after takeoff, the rocket successfully launched all three commercial satellites it carried into orbit. This departure is just in time From french guiana It was the 300th departure.

This launch is actually 31 in July but due to sensor problems, just 2 minutes ago It was decided to postpone the launch. The rocket was again taken to manufacturing facilities and the defective sensor was replaced. On Thursday, the vehicle returned to the take-off runway.

On the launch day, the weather and strong wind The departure of the vehicle was delayed by a little more than half an hour. The loads sent to orbit were also left about 35 kilometers above the equator.

Three satellites in orbit

The first of the satellites sent to orbit with Araine 5, To north america Galaxy 30 television satellites will serve. If another burden MEV-2 was a spacecraft. The last of the three rocket-loaded vehicles will be used in Japan for 8K and 4K broadcasting. BSAT-4b has become a satellite.

Launch process Guyana Space Center 'It was carried out from. It shows that we will witness even more launches with the special branch being active in space studies.

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