Tesla Switches to High Capacity Battery Technology

This claim that emerged at the Battery Day event caused all eyes to turn on the brand and Tesla again.

Earlier this week, ARK Investment Management analyst Sam Korus tweeted Musk hinting why you are not producing Tesla's electric plane, and in response, Musk opened the subject. Brand CEO's response to this suggestion “400 Wh / kg is not too far. Probably 3 to 4 years " dedicate.

The batteries used by Tesla in the Model 3 car have an energy density of around 260 Wh / kg. For the longer range, it is stated that a 50 percent jump will be made from the current energy density.

Musk stated that for electric flight to take place in 2019, the energy density of batteries must rise above 400 Wh / kg, a threshold that can be reached in five years.

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