İzmir BMC Factory Has Been Prudently Closed for 1 Week


one of Turkey's largest manufacturer of commercial and military vehicle was declared a holiday in the BMC is required coronavirus. The factory management and the İzmir Branch of Türk Metal İş Union decided to suspend the production for a week, except for the critical points of the factory. Türk Metal İş Union Branch Head Mürsel Öcal stated that the decision taken into account the return of the Feast of Sacrifice and the increase in the number of positive cases. Öcal stated that workers on a one-week compulsory leave will not experience any loss of rights.


It was stated that the number of workers who tested positive for coronavirus at the BMC Pınarbaşı Factory, where 3 thousand 500 people were employed, was 50 according to the first determinations, and possible increases in the number of positive cases after the results of ongoing tests. It was emphasized that the workers were tested one by one through the contracted private hospital with the start of work on Tuesday, and it was not a hospitalized case.

Planning for critical deliveries BMC officials also confirmed that the factory has been on vacation for a week. Stating that up to 150 workers were planned to continue to work in a certain part of the factory due to the delivery of critical orders originating from national defense, the factory officials said, “Such a decision was made as a result of the increase in the number of cases after annual leave, military service and holiday leave. A one-week break will not cause any significant job losses. Critical productions will continue ”. - News7

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