Russia will produce 6 million doses of vaccine per month

Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said that they plan to produce 1.5-2 million doses of corona virus vaccine per month by the end of the year, then gradually increase the production volume to 6 million doses. Speaking to Zvezda television, Manturov said, “This month, we are starting out as we will produce about 30 doses of vaccine by the end of August. As of September, considering that the determined facilities will be put into operation, we will increase the production volume. "We need to start producing 1.5-2 million doses of vaccine per month until the end of the year."

Manturov noted that they plan to gradually increase the total vaccine production up to 6 million doses per month. Answering the question of whether journalists will be vaccinated or not, Manturov said, “Of course. “One hundred percent” he said. (Sputnik)

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