Petronas Auto Assistant Service

Petronas Auto Assistant Service: My Auto Assistant will Carry Special Services to Digital for Free. Private Services Get Authorized Service Technology with Auto Assistant. Petronas Turkey, the business plan of the special services and to facilitate the follow-up customer service management platform digital otoasistanım was introduced. Auto Assistant, which enables recording of all transactions made to vehicles coming to private services, provides interactive communication between the services and vehicle owners. While private services can safely record the maintenance and oil change services they provide to all their customers with the easy-to-use Auto Assistant, vehicle owners can see all the previous vehicle maintenance thanks to the digital maintenance card. otoasist education services, fully represents a first in Turkey by use for free.

Petronas of the world's leading lubricants manufacturers continue their production and marketing activities in our country for 27 years, Turkey has introduced digital otoasistanım maintenance platform, which will provide for the establishment of a healthier relationship between special services and customers. In the rapidly digitalizing world, OtoAsistanım, which contributes to the professionalization of special services by creating a control mechanism at the level of authorized services, creates a digital maintenance card specific to the vehicles of the customers who come to the service, and ensures that all maintenance and oil change operations for the past are recorded. Despite the short time before starting to serve 100 to start the otoasist used by my nearest service again to cover in a short time in Turkey many large and small private service aims to create a large network. otoasist education services, completely free of charge using the form represents a first in Turkey.

Increases the service quality of private services

My auto assistant enables special services to be recorded digitally, by saving the special services from the methods in which the transactions made to the vehicle remain on paper or are added to the computer with some programs. Special services thanks to the very easy-to-use system; They can track weekly, monthly and yearly how many vehicles come to them together with their arrival dates, they can see in detail all processes such as oil-filter changes, how many kilometers of maintenance is done, what the changed parts are. While private services can record every transaction regarding the vehicles coming to their services with Auto Assistant, they can also create a new maintenance card for all vehicles of their existing customers. These digital care cards, which include detailed procedures, can be downloaded as PDF and can be sent to the customer via e-mail and WhatsApp application. With its “Reminder Assistant” feature, My Auto Assistant provides maximum contribution to private service owners. The maintenance of the vehicle previously serviced zamWhen the moment or the oil change period approaches, service officials zamHe easily notices that the moment is approaching with the reminder of Auto Assistant.

Vehicle owners do not miss any details: "Your Digital Car Care Card"

Maintenance zamVehicle owners who remember their moments on paper or with oil cards attached to the vehicles may not be able to make the necessary follow-up when the documents are lost. Auto Assistant provides many advantages to users who take their vehicles to private services. Vehicle owners who enter their vehicle brand, model and license plate in OtoAsistanım and register their vehicle free of charge, provide easy access to the services that use Auto Assistant. By searching the services that are members of Auto Assistant, users can access information such as the location of the services on the map and which brands they serve. With the digital maintenance card created after the maintenance operations, users can see in detail the information about which service they took their vehicle to and what kind of operations were performed for which vehicle. In this way, the owner of the vehicle is holding all the maintenance information of the vehicle for the past, as if he had an expertise while selling his vehicle.

Users can also benefit from the reminder feature of Auto Assistant, in order not to forget the obligations they have to fulfill with their vehicles. In this context, users can receive reminder SMS and e-mails such as "make an appointment for vehicle inspection" or "do not forget to make your policy before the expiry date" at least 15 days in advance by entering the inspection date for the vehicle they want. - Hibya

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