7 Awards from Vega Digital Awards Received to Petrol Ofisi Social League

Petrol Ofisi Social League, which reached 2019 million users in the 2020-2 season, has achieved 2020 first places, 3 second places and 3 third place in the 'Vega Digital Awards 1 - Vega Digital Awards, organized by International Awards Associates (IAA) with its communication success. received a total of 7 awards.

Global digital creators; The winners of the 'Vega Digital Awards 2020 - Vega Digital Awards, organized by the International Awards Associates (IAA) in order to recognize and honor their extraordinary performances, talents and efforts, have been announced. fantasy football game carrying culture to Turkey, Petrol Ofisi Social League, was marked by the prize this year as it was last year. Ceyla Büyükuz's, Merve Toy, Labor Aegean, Mehmet Ayan, Okay Karacan, Ugur Turkey's leading sports commentators like Karakullukçu famous YouTuber Educatedear of which included Petrol Ofisi Social League this season, has reached 2 million users and an important communication success caught.

Crowned its communication success with the 'Vega Digital Awards'

Evaluated by the Vega Digital Awards jury consisting of the world's leading digital and advertising professionals, Petrol Ofisi Social League's communication success was deemed worthy of 3 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 1 third prize in different categories. The categories and areas where Petrol Ofisi Social League received 7 awards in the organization, which received many awards last year, are as follows; 'Video Media' category; 'Game' and 'Phenomenon Use' areas and 'Social Campaigns' category; 1st place in 'Game / Game Content' (Canopus), 'Digital Marketing' category; 'Social Content Marketing' category with 'Integrated Campaigns' and 'Game / Application' areas; 2nd place in 'Game / Game Content' (Centauri), 'Social Campaigns' category; 3rd place in the field of 'Sports' (Arcturus).

It will be the number 1 choice of sports fans in the new season.

Petrol Ofisi Social League, which witnessed a fierce struggle for 34 weeks, further improved its own record with a total of 2019 million users reached in the 2020-2 season. At the end of the season in which valuable awards were distributed, Mahmut Düzcan, who took the first place in the general classification with a total of 3.760 points, was awarded the last model KIA Stonic, which was the grand prize. In addition, 34 Samsung Galaxy S10s won 1 million TL worth of fuel in the Social League, and 3 people won 15 thousand TL travel checks. Aiming to carry the passion for football to every day of the week in the new season, Petrol Ofisi Social League will continue to be the number 1 choice of sports fans with its attractive gifts and different surprises.

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