Turkey Expects Great Gospel


  • President Erdoğan will announce his gospel on Wednesday today. Various estimates have been made about the statement for 2 days. After the news of the existence of oil reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean and the swap line to be made with China, some sources claimed that there were natural gas deposits off the Black Sea.
  • According to the news of Reuters, the amount of gas reserves is 800 billion cubic meters. British news service of these reserves in the Danube 2 1 neck, according to information received from the Turkish sources meet Turkey's energy needs for 20 years. However, experts say it will take 7 to 10 years for these resources to start production.
  • Gas prices continue to fall around the world. The price of natural gas is traded at 1997 prices. Although lack of demand pressure on gas prices occurred in Turkey's total energy imports from Russia and Iran, which could eliminate the current account deficit of $ 41 billion.
  • Before the good news, the Dollar has turned its direction down again, there may be an upward opening in the Stock Exchange. Before Erdogan's announcement in the afternoon, the Dollar / TL parity fell below 7.30 again.
  • Tüpraş and Petkim with oil claims and ICBC went to the ceiling with China Swap claims. Tüpraş and Petkim rose 7,04% and 9,93% yesterday, following their rise on Wednesday. Today, we will be following the energy and related companies on the Natural Gas news.

 Hibya News Agency

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