New Ford Kuga Recalls!

US-based manufacturer, one of the most valuable car manufacturers in the world Ford, This time it came up with a negative news. One of the company's popular SUV models Kuga, Turkey As you might recall the adventure began in a short period. With the change of the exterior design language and the small touches in the cockpit, the vehicle subject to kalam was highly appreciated. Achieving decent sales numbers in a short time Ford Kuga, these days came up with an unpleasant incident.

The owners are in shock! The new Ford Kuga is recalled!

New Ford Kugawas presented to the users with different engine options. Rechargeable hybrid version of these, Ford's head a little bit these days. In contrast, in the rechargeable hybrid version of the vehicle, fires occur due to the battery pack. The company, which made a statement with the jet speed, said that the fires were caused by the overheating of the batteries. In addition, vehicle owners were warned not to leave their cars in the closed garage and not charge them. Separately Ford officials, the new generation Kuga he made a shocking decision about him.

According to this decision FordProduced before 26 June Kuga PHEVHe mentioned that the sales of the s were suspended. In addition, it was shared that the vehicles will be recalled serially. According to researches, recall processes will affect approximately 27 thousand vehicles and their owners around the world. Luckily Kuga PHEV option is not offered for sale in our country, and therefore Turkish users are not affected by the recall processes.

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