New Weapon from Kalashnikov: Intelligent Rifle MP-155 Ultima

The Russian arms manufacturer 'Kalashnikov' made a preliminary introduction of its first smart rifle developed on the basis of the smoothbore rifle MP-155 in a video published on its page on the Russian social networking network VKontakte.

The rifle, which can connect with mobile devices thanks to its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, has a monochrome screen on which different modes can be selected.

Kalashnikov officials stated that the new smart rifle prototype, developed on the basis of the smoothbore MP-155, is the 'first smart weapon with an innovative design' and can connect with mobile devices.

The video also includes a color monochrome screen with 'Camera', 'Shooting', 'Compass' and other different options. Battery charge rate, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons can also be seen on the same screen.

The MP-155 Ultima, whose specifications have not been disclosed, will be unveiled at the Army 23 defense fair to be held on August 29-2020. - Sputnik

Kalashnikov Smart Rifle MP-155 Ultima Promotional Video

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