First 7 Months Best Selling SUV brand in Turkey

When we look at the numbers around the world, we see that SUV models are preferred more in cars. Although sedan models are loaded in our country, interest in the SUV segment is increasing day by day.

The first 2020 months of 7 the country 28 percent stake sedan SUV segment managed to get from Turkey, escalate to compete with new models and accessible prices.


Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) compared to the data, the total market in the first 7 months in Turkey 341 thousand 273 thousand cars it sold 77 thousand 178 units were made up of SUV vehicles.

While C SUV vehicles lead the list with 57 thousand 997 units, B SUV vehicles with 10 thousand 185 units, D SUV vehicles third with 5 thousand 79 units, luxury class E SUV vehicles with 2 thousand 129, luxury class F SUV with 1.598 units. the fifth and A-SUV vehicles came in last with 190 units.


Competition in SUV segment was in the middle of imported vehicles. Meanwhile, Turkey's most comprehensive data analysis company CARDATA than the leaders of the seven-month time period was sold in SUV Dacia Duster with 7 thousand 9-volume accessible price.

The Duster model was followed by the French lion Peugeot 7 with 311 thousand 3008 units. Following the list, Hyundai's admiral Tucson with 6 units, Citroen C281 Aircross with 5 units, Peugeot 199 with 5 units, Kia Sportage with 4 units, Volkswagen T-Roc with 418 units, Volkswagen Tiguan with 2008 units, Opel Grandland X with 3 thousand 276 units and Nissan Qashqai with 2 thousand 882 took place in the top 2.

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