The Newest Member of the Huawei Tablet Family: Huawei Matepad

Huawei Matepad 10.4, with its eye protection feature, high audio and video experience, as well as its 10,4 inch 2K FullView display, is being offered to consumers as an ideal solution these days, when the importance of distance education and working is increasing.

Providing a wide viewing area for users, the MatePad 84 tablet with an 10.4 percent screen-to-body ratio is extremely light and weighs 7,35 grams with its 450 mm ultra-thin design.

Unmatched multimedia experience

The new huawei matepad 10.4 offers a 224 inch 2000K FullView display experience, supporting 1200 × 70,8 resolution in 10,4PPI and 2 percent of the NTSC color gamut. Proprietary huawei clarivu display Enhancement technology, a set of algorithms that optimizes dark images and video scenes for image quality, color saturation and sharpness, enhances picture detail and dynamic range. The functionality of the display panel, which ensures that user eye strain is kept to a minimum over prolonged use, has also been approved by TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light.

 Huawei matepad 10.4 supports Histen 3 for 6.0D stereo sound effects. With four high-amplitude speakers with an innovative design, music and movies zammore impressive than before. Harman Kardon's sound reproduces even the most complex sounds with flawless clarity and provides a 3D sound effect experience. In addition, instead of hearing sounds from a single speaker, Golden Ears Accredited offers a fun music experience thanks to its audio codecs.

Performance that won't let you down

The new Huawei matepad 10.4 contains a powerful and efficient AI chipset Kirin 7 produced by 810nm process. Inside the Kirin 810 is a 76 GHz octa-core CPU consisting of two A55 performance cores and six A2,27 efficiency cores. CPU resources are planned by AI, which enables the processor to dynamically respond to changing user demands. The customized Mali-G52 graphics chip synergizes with GPU Turbo 3.0 to support advanced graphics processing in daily tasks and more demanding applications such as games. The Kirin 810 also includes a Da Vinci NPU to handle artificial intelligence processing and run new and sophisticated smart features that enrich the user experience. The Huawei Matepad 10.4 also includes a 7250mAh battery and is compatible with HUAWEI's software optimizations to ensure a long-lasting battery life.

Intelligent interaction features

Coming with Android 10 operating system and EMUI 10 interface, HUAWEI MatePad Pro supports Multi Window, Multi Screen Collaboration and HUAWEI APP Multiplier features. HUAWEI MatePad Pro offers innovations that fundamentally change the way devices interact with users and each other. HUAWEI Share enables multi-screen collaboration that removes barriers between HUAWEI devices with advanced cross-platform functionality. Multi-screen collaboration, developed based on distributed technology, enables "drag and drop" file transfers between smartphones and tablets. Perimeter sharing allows users to type on the smartphone using the tablet's keyboard and screen, play music stored on the smartphone with the tablet's speakers, and more. This solution also enables the user to receive calls or reply to text messages directly from the tablet, facilitating a seamless multi-device experience.

Whether you want to chat while shopping online, or watch a short video while browsing the Internet, the Multi-window feature enables effortless multitasking with support for three applications at the same time. With the floating window, users can respond to text messages while playing games or watching movies. Based on the Android tablet user experience, the new APP Multiplier offers a revolutionary dual view experience that makes the most of the horizontal orientation by splitting an application into two windows. The size of the windows can be adjusted to suit the user's needs by simply dragging the border.

EMUI 10.1 also features HUAWEI MeeTime, HUAWEI's native chat app that supports high-quality video calling between two HUAWEI devices up to 1080p.

Effective learning and fun

Designed to provide a better video calling experience, the new HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 includes a quad microphone set that supports noise reduction and voice pickup within five meters. While FollowCam is supported by an 8 MP wide-angle front camera to track moving object and intelligently adjust the screen accordingly, the same zamIt now enables motion control including Smart View, Spotlight mode and Camera Gestures. In addition, the HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 also supports the use of the HUAWEI smart keyboard and the HUAWEI M-Pencil smart pen.

The Kids Corner on the new HUAWEI MatePad offers a safe space for children to learn and have fun with the tablet. Parental Control options, parents' content and applications that their children can use, as well as what children can pass on the device zamallows them to easily manage the moment. To encourage healthy device use, Kids Corner includes eye protection modes such as blue light filter, posture alerts, bumpy road warnings, brightness alerts, distance alerts and eBook mode to provide a more comfortable experience.

Applications and services that make life easier

HUAWEI is constantly working to accelerate the process of incorporating best apps into HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) that form the basis of the digital lifestyle of its users, including both popular global apps and localized apps that users love. AppGallery divides apps into 18 categories, all including news, social media, entertainment, and more, all easily searchable.

Companies of applications in Turkey, appgallery'y to move rapidly in progress. All of the widely used applications such as Getir, Yandex, İBB CepTrafik, BluTV,, GittiGidiyor, Hepsiburada, Hayat Eve Sığar took their place in AppGallery by incorporating Huawei Mobile Services.

Apart from AppGallery, users can also download the apps they want directly from the app's official site. To facilitate this process, Huawei has integrated an application search tool into Huawei Browser. Thus, users can search for the application they want and start downloading directly, as if they were searching for any web page.

Users can also transfer all their data, settings, photo galleries and applications to their new phones or tablets, regardless of the phone they use, with Huawei's Phone Clone application.

If there is an app that users still can't find, all they have to do is send the app name to 'Wish List'. When this application takes its place in AppGallery, the requesting user is notified.

MatePad 10.4 is offered to consumers through the Huawei Online Store at a recommended end-user price of TL 2.399. - Hibya

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